Revox Turntable B790 audio.

Cannot get normal volume via my Sony Receiver STR VX6.
Suggestions appreciated.
Not familiar with the Sony unit. Forgive me if these questions seem elementary, but

Does it have a phono input? (many units do not)
What cartridge are you using?(too low cartridge output can cause this).
Assuming it does have a phono input, do you know the gain figure for it? (this could also account for the problem)

We need more info. Please supply.
I'm thinking along the same lines as Twl i.e. Maestro is probably trying to drive a line level input with a MM cartridge. The cartridge in question is probably an Ortofon, but may have been replaced at some point in time.

If such is the case, you need a phono preamp with an RIAA EQ curve built into it. This will elevate the very low level of output that the phono cartridge puts out up to the "normal" level that most other line level sources ( CD, tuner, cassette deck, etc... ) puts out. Some reasonably priced models that you may be interested in are available from QED, NAD, Musical Fidelity ( yes, i said the "MF" word... ), etc... Sean
Greetings, If your Sony is a digital receiver chances are more than likely that there is something magnetic in the turntable and you need to purchase a small preamp to boost your sound. I had a similar problem when I hooked up my older Dual to my new Yamaha digital receiver. I could not figure out why the sound (volume) was so weak. I'd turn up the receiver all of the way and still very moderate to low volume. I purchased a small preamp thru that other greeedy auction site (wont say it hear, rhymes with decay) for about $10 added it on and boom, rocked the world.