Revox spks: Were they at CES?? How do they sound??

A friend told me that Revox now has speaker lines beside their traditional line electronics. One is called the Prestige and the other, the Scala which is more expensive. Anyone see them at CES 2003, or auditioned them at a local dealer??? Also,how do they stack up to say some of the other European(non-English) brands of speakers, for example,Piega, JMLabs, Burmeister, Audio Physic.and Triangle. I have never seen a review on Revox speakers in any of the major American audio mags. Thanks, Jimbo
They've had speakers for years...maybe decades. I heard some (tall with wood bodies and brushed metal faces...mod Euro looking) a few years ago and they were good, but I think the same amount of cash would buy better speakers from many other companies. Many Swiss/German speakers tend to have a different sound from US or Brit speakers.
My 12 year old daughter (Tanya) is currently using the floorstanding Revox Column A1 powered by the integrated Unison Research S R 1 80 and it is very holographic. The only problem is, the speaker cable needs to be stripped and be terminated bare wire under the speaker, which the Tara Lab fits perfectly well. Interconnects used for the Tandberg Tuner 3001 and the Dynaco DVD (modified with detachable power cord)are the Kimber Heroes. She is very happy with her system. This response was written by her with my permission of course.
The A1 speakers do have that problem - ReVox is working on new feet for them because at the moment you must use a very thin wire with the speakers or they get a little tippy. But the A1's are the only speakers in the line that have the binding posts on the underside of the cabinet. The rest of the speakers have terminals on the back, as is conventional.

Phild is correct - ReVox has been making speakers for decades. The recent batch are substantially better than anything they made in years past, at least to my ears.