Revox E-426 CD player ?? Any users?

Need any advise regarging this player since I cannot find any info on it anywhere. I am thinking on returning an Adcom GCD 750 and trying it out. Any thoughts or would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bob
I've been using an old Studer 727 and Revox B226 and both are very good (for late 80s technology). I haven't heard the E-426. I'm sure the new CD players are very good, but they might not be the best in that particular price range. I would definitely give them a listen, but I would also recommend checking out some other similarly priced players.
I bought one sold it 2 weeks after/ I never heard such a bad cd player and I took a great lose on it .
It's flat sounding and no detail the worst.....
I bought it from a new audio store which is now out of business I sure wish I could have heard it before I bought it.I hope this helps....
I've had one for about one year. GREAT sounding, musically involving, great on dynamics. I use the balanced outputs for superb dynamic range. Classical & jazz are my bag. Recommend highly.