Revox cassette decks

Hi. I am thinking about trying Revox B710 or Studer A710 deck. Does anyone have experience with them? Sound, reliability,etc? I have Nakamichi 682ZX. How would they compare? Would appreciate your opinions.
They had a very good reputation but check into the parts availability before you get one. They were on the same level at the top of the cassette hierarchy as the NAK.
IMHO the Nak 682ZX was one the of the best cassette decks ever made...I'd stop there.
Agree on the NAK. In some ways I think the 680 series was better than the Dragon.
What about ZX-9 and Tandberg 3014, 3014A ? They might be a little better, right? But so expensive.
Keep the Nak. Take it to a tech familiar with Naks, supply your go to tape and have it internally tweaked for that formulation for optimal performance WITHOUT using Dolby. Sound floor will drop dramatically, S/N improvement, better highs and resolution.
I see. It appears that no one so far thinks that Revox is worth getting. Yes, this Nak sounds great. I bought it 10 years ago on ebay in excellent condition, put probably 3000 hours on it, never serviced, and it plays exactly as when I first tried it. But the transport is getting a little noisier.By the way, it sounds its very best with Maxell Vertex tape, and the difference is not small; I tried every reference tape.
I'd spend the money on getting the 682zx overhauled to factory spec. The 682zx allows you to adjust bias and have auto adjust for azimuth and rec level. Any decent tape should sound great on this deck pretty much. Don't use bad tapes however.