Revox B795 Turntable

A friend of mine is selling his Revox B795 linear tracking turntable. Does anyone have one of these? and could you comment on the sound and reliablity?

I once had a B790 back in 1979 as part of my complete B-series system. The B790 was a very interesting concept, sounded ok, but was not really convincing sonically. The B795 - if I remember correctly - was a slightly cheaper version very similar to the B790, offered in the early 80s. Revox usually is very reliable, but unlike the famous B77 open reel machine and the B760 tuner I kept the B790 only for 1 year and sold it in 1980, so I cannot comment on reliability of the turntable. Revox never was famous for turntables (or amplifiers). A Thorens TD 126 MKIII replaced my Revox with much better results.
contact member Sean: he has (or has had) a B795
I have a REVOX 795 which I have had from the late 70s. It has worked flawlessly and I highly recommend it. I have had other pieces of high end equipment and I like this best. I am now about to sell mine because I have now completely converted over from vinyl to CDs.

If anyone is interested in mine, contact me.
I have a B790, had it since the early 70s. It was serviced once about six years ago by the revox rep. located in Barrington Illinois. It sounds decent and the linear tracking helps prevent damage to records.
I have a B790 that I purchased in 1977 and it has only been in to repair when I changed the voltage from 110-220. It sounds great. I also have a B795 that sounds good but lacks the Digital readout of the B790.
Thanks for the input!

Despite jefranks' express opinion, the fact that he is going all digital while owning that Revox B795 speaks very ill of the TT. If it were good (and well set up) he'd be sticking with vinyl.
I have a B795 I bought in the early 80's. It has worked flawlessly since. Had the cabling upgraded to MIT in the 90's and have been running a Bluepoint Special, it sounds very good. Finally thinking about upgrading to the VPI Scout, but will keep the Revox for my kids.
I've had mine since the late 70's. Still in service with no issues. I bought it as a dealer demo and am missing the cover (if anyone has one to part with).

I have had mine in service since 1983. Solid as a rock. Sounds very good depending on source. I am surprised I never damaged it as I would demo its solidity by banging on the chassis with my nuckles as hard as I could while the recoud played flawlessly without skipping. It still retains its cool factor. A very good design. I am waiting for the next generation of tangent tracking technology at an affordable price. Meantime... The Revox plays on.