Revox B77

I am interested in a Revox B77 reel to reel but the heads have some wear.Before put in my bid,I would like to get an idea of what kind of trouble I would be getting into. HELP! Please!
Sorry it took so long for someone to give you an answer, but busy, busy, busy etc. Anyway, I used to work in a radiostation where we used B77's, and I really liked them. Are you sure the heads show some wear or are just plain dirty? If the latter is the case, that's easy to clean with some alcohol and some, I don't know the English word, those things to clear your ears with. If, on the other hand, the haeds are damaged, forget it. The replacement is very expensive, and if you don't replace them, you'll never get the soundquality the Revox is capable of, and it might even damage your tapes..... Michiel.
I have a Revox A77 that I bought brand new in 1973. I had the heads replaced in 1983 and at that time I believe it cost me about $400. I know ReVox has a repair center here in the US and you could call them. I have contacted them about "upgrading" my A77. A great deck by the way.
My dad, who was a recording engineer, bought a used A77 in the mid sixties. The Revox tape decks were by far the best in those days. He had it checked out in their repair center which, I believe, was then in Syosset, Long Island. I don't know if they are still there. Also, check out this web page which has some info on servicing Revox tape decks:
You might want to inquire as to the history of the machine. Light use, heavy use, that kind of thing. If you do clean the heads, try Vodka ( 80 proof is just fine )and some cotton swabs. Medical swaps are dandy. Also,you can see gross head wear by eyeballing. You can also feel it with your finger. Hope this helps.