Revox B-760 Tuner

Has anyone heard this tuner or other Revox tuners, or know anything about them?

The B760 has unbelievable specs and I have my eye on one priced fairly well in the $400 range, but I won't have a chance to audition it.
This one of the all time greatest tuners. It is right up there with the McIntosh MR-78, MR-80, and is in an elite class of a very few very fine tuners ever made. It is built like a tank, and continues to give great performance over the years. The spec's are great, but they do not tell the entire story. You must listen to it's superb musicality to fully appreciate it. I own two of these tuners, and I will add another as soon as I find one available. I place one in my listening room, one in the bedroom, and I will take the next one to my office. If you have a chance to get a nice one, snap it up. You will not be disappointed. I also own the Revox B-261,and B-260S tuners, but the B-740 is my personal favorite.
I have the same B-760 tuner, which I currently replace with a new model. I already have it for a very long time and can confirm it was one of the best tuners. As a matter of fact it was the "state of the art" tuner in Germany when I bought it. You will not be dissapointed with it.
This tuner even had an option to insert a "card" where you could store the positions of an antenna rotor. So, just by pressing one of the memory stations, the rotor adjusted automatically to that station.
Thanks guys.

Unfortunately the deal on the B-760 has slipped from my grasp. 'Coincidentally', right after I posted my question here the unit was sold. Oh well. Easy come, easy go, but I don't think I'd do someone the favour again...

I will add this tuner to my short list of tuners, though, and grab the first one from the list I can find.