Revisiting Chinese Knockoff Cables

Why I don/t know, but the first thread has been removed recently. So, having benefited from it greatly, I felt compelled to recap my journey, so that others of limited budgets might make a huge leap that they otherwise could not afford:

When I first got my EVS 1200 I was using Series 8 WireWorld interconnects, speaker cables and Pangea Premier XL 1.5m coax cable. As you mentioned, I was extremely happy with the amp (compared to PS Audio M700s). Eventually I came across the Chinese Cable knockoff thread and first tried the fau-Nordost Odin 1.5m coax which was/is amazing: as they were so cheap compared to the $169 1.5m Pangea, I also bought a 1.0M Odin, but didn’t try it until after I replaced both the WW cables with Odin 2 XLRs and cables. Then I replaced the 1.5m with the 1.0 and was kinda blown away that 0.5m of the same coax could be THAT much better.

While my all SS system sounded very good, it was a bit too sharp, so I ordered Odin Gold speaker cables (at ~ $170/2.5m). Unfortunately one leg must of had a bad solder joint as it barely sent the music . It took a couple months before they replaced it, which I finally installed 2 days ago: BAM. Even immediately, but of course it needs break in time. The weather here (Ft Lauderdale) has been really bad, I have only left for short quick trips. Today we are under a tornado watch, so won't leave, but as soon as I can get out for a few hours I will put on my XLO burn-in disc, which I use on everything I insert, including the M 700s, EVS, and Voyager which expedites break in, which still takes a good 50-100-200 hours!

Summing this up: cables can/do make or break a system. If I had these cables when I first got the EVS, I probably would never have gotten the Voyager, which of course I am itching to compare again, but could still be awhile


Ok here’s my different take on my 2 system set ups…I have both Odin 2 silver and Odin Gold interconnects.  They both sound excellent but I can’t really tell them apart.  Settled with  a full loom of  Odin 2 Silver interconnects and Odin 2 ethernet on my 2 channel system with KimberKable 12TC Chinese copy speaker cables.  On my Home Theatre/2 ch system I use Odin gold interconnects, Odin 2 silver ethernet, Valhalla identical flat speaker wire branded Audiocrast.  I have Odin 2 silver speakers cables and they sounded very good but the Valhalla are much improved.  However, they do take 75-100 hours of use to get past their initial brightness.  I have not tried the Odin Gold speaker cables due to my interconnect comparison results.  I Also cover my speaker wire with black flex braid sleeves to make them look nicer and not stand out.

 I have ordered a second pair of the Audiocrast (Valhalla) speaker cables for my 2 channel system to compare/replace the Kimber Cable.  

On a tangent here: I use neither US-made cables, nor Chinese ones, but make my own. I buy 5N silver wire or ribbon from a foundry in New Jersey for very reasonable costs, and all the other materials that go into a good IC or speaker-connect from those DIY houses, you are probably all familiar with. My next project will be re-wiring my tonearm with ultra-fine silver litz. I do not get stingy when it comes to terminals, though: I love those from Australia (ETI Research), even as they are quite expensive. I have developed my own technique, running the conductors in sealed teflon tubes that are filled with Argon gas (having a better dielectric constant then even air). You can buy a small cylinder of argon in any hobby-brew shop. I just finished a set of 1.5 meter speaker cables costing me a fraction of what is being offered on the market and reviewed in the mags we all read, but with a superior technology, that is not even commercially available. And the sound: mind-blowing! I strongly suggest that you consider making your own cables: not only can you save a bundle w/o buying "knock-offs", it's also a lot of fun to do, and there is a wealth of good how-to information out there on the web. Rather spend the real $$ on extraordinary records (I just splurged on the 45 rpm re-issue of the Bach cello suites with Janos Starker)!


Reimarc,  Please share your source for the 5N silver wire or ribbon.  Thanks!

Answers to your question:

here is the link to the site where you can order 5N silver ribbons and wires. The nice thing about this company is that you don't have to buy in bulk.,2,831

I will be glad to show you pictures of my Argon-filled 1mm teflon tubes with a 0.8mm wire inside, if someone explains to me how to post images from my MacBook Air into my response window: I tried everything but failed so far.