Reviews on SVS SB/PB 3000, Paradigm's seismic 110 subwoofer

Hi Audiophiles! I am getting very close to finally purchasing a sub. The SVS SB 3000/PB 3000 as well as the Paradigm Seismic 110 have been suggested by my home theater guy. My listening tastes are TV (Netflix), 4G action movies, classical music, and some blues/rock and Roll........ I know I'm dating myself!!!Jimmy Hendrix anyone?? Because I listen to a lot of classical music I was thinking I may need faster base. I have a pair of TETRA 506s that I dearly love, a new Anthem Integrated Amp, Pioneer Deck for all things disc. Thoughts???
Get two subwoofers if you can swing it. Then use Anthem's room correction and you will have amazing sound. I recently got a pair of SVS SB-2000 subwoofers and after using the room correction feature on my AV receiver, I am very happy with the result.
Thank you very much Thaluza.
I'll talk to my 'guy' about 2 speakers. Any knowledge about the Paradigm Seismic 110??
I auditioned this vary group of subs to augment my horn speakers below 50Hz.  I ended up purchasing a PB-3000 with intension to purchase a 2nd if I liked the performance.  I am happy with just the single, no need for the 2nd in my room for 2 channel.
I haven't heard the Seismic 100, so I am unable to comment. I chose SVS because they offer a 45 day trial period and free return shipping, and they will give you a 100% trade in allowance if you want to upgrade within one year of purchase. 

The generous trial period that SVS offers made it an easy decision to try two subs. I found the difference between one and two subs to be substantial in my room and system, enough to justify sticking with two subs. YMMV. 
I don't have experience with either of those subs, but in general, you're going to get more bang for the buck buying internet direct (although SVS does sell through retail also).  You're paying a lot for distribution and dealer markup on the Paradigm sub.

I currently have two SVS SB13 Ultras in my system and have also owned a few other SVS subs.  I'd also recommend taking a look at Rythmik (my first choice for music) and Power Sound Audio (run by one of the founders of SVS).
Thanks all for your ideas. The Paradigm Seismic 110 boasts high excursion and very deep bass 'for its size'. I'm always concerned when anything is spoken of in those terms however I guess I'm being greedy for wanting rumbling bass in my 4G films as well as clear reproduction when I'm hearing bass in a symphony orchestra and of course, the canons at the end of the '1812 Overture'. But I guess I can be excused a bit b/c I'm a violin teacher and sound is everything!!! I have read about the Rhythmik subs and they are interesting. Any more ideas?? Maybe subs I don't know about??
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How did you make out with the sub? Did you ever hear the Paradigm Seismic 110? I may be getting that one because of the punchiness it’s supposed to produce for music and ability to go very low for movies. It was recommended by my audio guy as well. The SVS SB-2000 Pro (non ported) is up there too for consideration but may be too big for our space. The SVS has rave reviews and has a smaller footprint although not as small as the Paradigm.