Reviews on Dali MS 4 speakers

I am considering purchasing the MS 4 speakers but am also considering the Dynaudio S3.4. Any comments? I plan to run stereo SS amp with pre to be determined later. Will use system for both HT and Stereo listeing (30/70%).


Here's my write up of the DaliMS4 compared to the Dynaudio S3.4 I owned both at the same time for a while. I have since sold both and now own a Dynaudio Confidence model. A write up on that will be coming shortly.

DynaudioS34 Review

DaliMS4 Review

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I own the MS4's and I can tell you that I LOVE them. They have a certain air about them and the depth of soundstage is incredible. I had ownde the Dynaudio Crafft monitors prior which were and incredible speaker in it's own right and I do like Dyn. However, the Dali's are well worth looking into. You will not be disappointed.

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