Reviews: Monster Power AVS 2000

Anybody own one of these units? What are your thoughts on it? Is it as good as the PS Audio P 300 ? Thanks for your thoughts!
I just installed a new AVS 2000 in my setup today. Had an awful incoming voltage fluxuation problem. It was noticeably affecting all of my equipment, and not in a good way. The voltage is nicely stabilized now with the AVS 2000 installed. I'm sure you know that it is only a voltage stabilizer and does not provide any surge protection or filtering. I still have all of my equipment plugged into a Monster Power HTS 3600 which provides the surge protection and noise filtering that I want, and then I have the HTS 3600 plugged into the AVS 2000. I have no experience with the PS Audio unit that you referred to. I can only speak to the merits of the AVS 2000. It is built like a tank and weighs around 60 lbs. I'm very happy I got mine.
I have experience with HTPS 3600 plugged in AVS 2000. Not bad but could not stand the noise it generated once in awhile - don't know why. I replaced them both with BPT 3.5 Signature Power conditioner and was amazed by the positive effect it made to my system - like night and day.
I Echo Sd2005gt. Had a Signature AVS 2000 and Signature 5100 I think it was (lots of cool blue lites). Replaced both with the BPT3.5+ and haven't looked back. Hadn't realized the degree to which the Monster gear was closing off the sound..... There was a substantial difference, in my system.