Reviewer drive Firebird

I can help notice that when guy very excite about gear he rave about it and try to tell others it very good. I say maybe you no what good is or perhap confuse by other product you hear. If guy first car is Maverick that has loose tire and backfire and he go to new firebird it easy for him say firebird is best thing he ever drive and tell everyone about it. Gear reviewer same way but worse because they looking for website hit and subscription. I tired of reviewer driving firebird and compare to my volante. They need go through product they hear so guy reading understand if they have experience to get opinion. It like when my wife say she want new high dive for pool to practice trick because she high end circus performer, swimsuit model and like to dive. I take opportunity to use part enclosure to have three 60 inch subwoofer put in base of dive cement enclosure. I have guy design it right I don’t just get any woofer or put kicker box in yard like these reviewer would do.


Yeah, but where does wife's trapeze hang when top is down on Volante?

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Ted Denney III

Lead Designer/CEO Synergistic Research Inc.

I don't think top can come down on Volante, maybe Firebird?

I'm still trying to figure out "high end" circus performer.

Good one. Seen it. 

I think this is more the sort of high end circus performer I imagine tubebuffer with.


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upgrade to TransAm with “ naked chicken “ decal on the hood…..

tweak tip : punch out the plastic blocker on the shaker inlet for ?

I simplify. Most reviewer of product get rise in Levi because they no understand hifi. Few review really hear good gear. Most start with junk so better junk sound better. Some reviewer have shoe closet for  room and review big gear big mistake. YouTube review can’t stand up straight over review but this no help average guy on couch looking good sound.

OK, think I got it...


More like this - then?