Review: Z squared Python Power cord

Category: Cables

Even though I was skeptical about the improvement power cords would make (I thought improved bass was the most they could offer), I purchased a set of Z squared python power cords to replace the stock cords I had been using the last ten years. I could not believe the difference they made. Before switching cords I listened to a few favorite tracks off CD’s I listen to all the time, then made the switch. The first one I listened to was Moby’s ‘Why does my heart feel so bad?’ the piano at the beginning sounded so real, I had not noticed flat it sounded before. Now there was the striking of the key and a natural decay afterward then when the full music kicked in I was overwhelmed. I was hearing things I had not heard before.
Next was Norah Jones’ ‘Come Sail Away With Me’ the improved sound staging is exactly what I was looking for when considering upgrading my speakers (something I cannot afford to do right now). I could hear precisely where she and her piano were throughout the whole recording. I never lost sight even when other instruments came in.
Finally I popped in Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Closer’ WOW. Everything came to life. The guitars were as clear as day and right in my face. The energy blew me away. The crispness and cleanness, it sounded like a whole new system.
And it was not only when I was sitting down in my chair that I noticed a difference, even when I was in the other room getting dinner ready I could hear the new full precise sound.
I am very glad I took a chance and upgraded against my own judgment. I would recommend these cords to anyone you will be quite surprised at the difference they make. And they are a lot cheaper than buying a whole new system.

Associated gear
sony Ca8 es cd player
ps audio 7.0 pre amp
ps audio delta 250 monoblocks
B&W 804 matrix speakers