Review: Yaqin MC 10L Tube amp

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In need of a second system for our office/computer room, I had always wanted to try a vacuum tube amplifier. After doing some research I purchased a Yaqin MC-10L from a Canadian company that imports several different models of Yaqin amplifiers. I preferred this company because they sold the verson of this Yaqin with a black chassis. Tabnaac the ebay seller had communicated to me very well what I was to expect, from the shipping time to the contents of the box.
During the wait time to receive the amp, I brought out some components left over from stereo systems I used to have and gave each a clean up. My PSB Century 800's, a two way system with two 8 inch woofers in a tower configuration, while possibly a dated design, are still a very good speaker even by todays standards. The old Sony ES cd player is definitely a dated design but serves the purpose, we primarily listen to XM Radio while in the office.
Upon receiving the delivery I anxiously unpacked and set up the amplifier, a straight forward operation since the manual was reasonably descriptive. After allowing 30 minutes for warm up I loaded the cd player with one of my old favorites, Dire Straits.. On Every Street. Although the amplifier is far from being burned in, I was immediately impressed with the openness and depth of the music I was hearing, something I know good vacuum tube amps are known for. It was easy to place each instrument in the recording at points across the front of the room. Minute details in the layers of the recording came forth from a seemingly black background and then fade back to where each began. Several hours and cd's later I was convinced that it was a very good purchase and everything I had read in reviews about the Yaqin MC-10L was true. It is an exceptional tube amplifier, especially for its price.
As with any fine amplifier the associated equipment you use should be matched to that particular amplifier. Fairly efficient loudspeakers of 90 db or better allows the amp to have power in reserve. My old PSB 800 speakers are 92 db and seem to be about right. And of course good cables should be used, both interconnects and speaker cables.

Its quite obvious that this well made audiophile tube amp will continue to improve with age and burn in. The presentation it offers is first rate. My primary system is made up Parasound separates and Paradigm speakers at 8x the cost of the Yaqin amp. Yet the little Yaqin has some aspects of its presentation that are superior, aspects that I am sure are the signature of a good vacuum tube amplifier. Considering what it was designed for and how well it is executed, I can find no shortcomings for it except perhaps for some future tube rolling. Although the Chinese tubes provided do the job quite well.

Anyone who considers purchasing a vacuum tube integrated amp should research this fine amplifier. At its price point verus performance it would be difficult to find one better then the Yaqin MC-10L.

Associated gear
Sony ES CD player, Wireworld Oasis Cables, PSB Century 800 loudspeakers, XM satellite radio receiver.
Its been 3 months since I received my Yaqin tube amp and its thoroughly broken in now. It just got better and better. I've done some upgrades which I believe improved an already great sounding amp. A larger and better power cord and better interconnects. I've also replaced my old Sony ES cd player with an Arcam CD73T, a very obvious improvement resulted.
I am sold on these Chinese manufactured amps. Quality thruout. At its price point its one of the best kept secrets in the audio world.
After having to cut short my previous entry concerning the Yaqin amp I would like to describe a little about how this amplifier sounds. I've read many manufacturers statements that after you purchase their equipment you will rediscover your CD collection. Mostly hokum. But I must admit that after listening to some of my old CD's on the Arcam player feeding the Yaqin tube amp, I truly have rediscovered many of my CD's. Vacuum tubes seem to do things to a digital sound source something pure solid state cannot. There's a depth to the music and warmth. And clarity of the presentation with involvement in the music without fatique. Perhaps an example would be an acoustic guitar. Not only the initial sound of the strings being strummed but the sound the strings make as each ones vibration diminishes. The sound of the guitars body seems to be an almost seperate instrument from the strings yet together they form an almost perfect sound. This type of rendering applies not only to the guitar but to most instruments in the recording. Drums are equally realistic with their resonance and subtle detail filling the listening area. Vocals seem to have emotion that I've never heard before, although so many of my CD's I have have listened to countless times. On some recordings it almost seems you can hear, or perhaps even feel the mood or emotion in the studio, or on stage, the musicians feel as they begin their song and when they finish it. I've listened to stereo systems costing 15 times as much as my Yaqin/Arcam combination and often not all those high priced system, although wonderful, could convey such emotion at a normal listening level.
Although I've done my best to describe what I hear with the Yaqin tube amp. I'm sure everyone who listens to a system such as this will have a different way to describe it. But I think most will agree the Yaqin MC10L is a very listenable amplifier.
So this amp probably would not match well to my Silverline Minuet speakers, which have about 88 db efficiency?
you could use it with the 88db,it is fine for that just depends on the room size an the loudness you are looking for
you could use it with the 88db,it is fine for that just depends on the room size an the loudness you are looking for
I've had my MC10L for approx. 4 years now. I use Russian Tung-Sol tubes and would agree that this amp is extremely good for the money (a very nice match with my Klipsch Forte). This makes me happy ... What makes me unhappy is that I sold my pair of Marantz Model 9's in 1978 for $400 :( I believe replacement these days is approx. 12K. DOH !!