Review: Yamaha RX-V1 Amplifier

Category: Amplifiers

This amp is awesome! I got a terrific deal at Tweeter because it was end of model year.

The DSP fields are incredible. Much better sound than 2 channel in my opinion. They have built in programs such as the Roxy, NYC Jazz clubs, Concert Mode, Etc.

I listen to alot of rock (formerly in 2 channel only).

Also use for Home Theater. Plenty of inputs (really too many). Can also power a second separate room.

Movies especially 5.1 channel are incredible. Plenty of power, even if you do not have super efficient speakers.

I also listened to Denon 5803 model and the Yamaha drove the speakers at a louder level set at the same output on both receivers.

I would highly recommend this unit for anyone considering a single unit to drive their home theater and (former) 2 channel listening.

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