Review:Yamaha PX-2 repair and modifications

About 2 years ago I purchased a PX-2 turntable and while I loved the table soon after purchase it went on the fritz. Like many of these tables the automatic tone arm carriage began to malfunction.

I looked for a repair person who specialized in these tables with no success. I found one person but they were so backed up that the table never got to them. Fast forward to a night of internet searching and low and behold I found Professor Bizzt on ebay. He had posted on another forum so I felt pretty good about reaching out to him.

We had several conversations and I agreed to bring my table to him one saturday for repair and evaluation. After dropping off the table I headed out for some lunch. About 2 hours later my table was ready to hit the road.

He spent about an hour on the table and the repair came in under $100. Now your mileage may vary depending on how much needs to be done. He cleaned the table, checked all the moving parts, fixed the arm transport issue and lubricated the table as needed. This may have been the BEST $100 I ever spent on gear. The table came back and sounded better than ever. So lessen learned if you have a decades old turntable get it serviced.

Well after a couple of weeks of just flat out enjoying the table it took its rightful place as my main deck. Its main strengths are flat out resolution, PraT and tone.

Shortly afterwards I looked into Professor Bizzt counterweight stub and weight replacements. This requires some table surgery and I am all thumbs but the instructions are very clear and it is not that complicated. I do recommend not rushing and carefully reading the instructions several times before doing the mod.

The mod replaced the stock end stub with a direct coupled one and the kit contains two weight to accommodate a wide range of carts. This mod served to clean up the sound to a very noticeable degree and increase bass weight and definition. Well worth the $160 asking price.

If you own a Yamaha PX-2 and it has never been serviced or is acting up or if you are going to buy one of these decks I heartily recommend sending it to Professor Bizzt for a servicing. He has a pretty regular stream of tables that were coming in from the mail when I was there and some that were under repair.

He is in the Orlando area and can be found on Ebay if you do a search of Yamaha Counter weight PX-2. He also services the little brother of the PX-2 the PX-3 and several other vintage pieces.

Previous tables owned: Galibier Serac, VPI SuperScout Master and an Origin LIve Sovereign. I use a Zyx Atmos, Miyajima Shilabe and Mono Premium BE on the Yammy.

(I have no affiliation with him other than being a very satisfied customer.)
I also used the Professor to do a repair. I sent him the sensor board of my Yamaha PX-3. He did a very nice job of the repair that included replacing all of the sensors. After I reinstalled the repaired board all of the functions of the TT once again work perfectly. The best way I know to describe what he does is " quality service at an affordable price" The PX-3 has moved to the top of my TT list passing my Thorens TD 124.
My completely un-refurbished
Pioneer PL-L1000
eats my highest modified TD124 II
for breakfast!!!
Geoch, the biggest fallacy ever in audio was that Jap DD turntables were somehow inferior.
Truth was nobody else had the expertise and industrial capacity to build them.