Review: XLO UNLIMITED Speaker cable

Category: Cables

always wondering just how lean my Nordost SPM cables were recently compared them with XLO UNLIMITED cables which are simply better than the Nordost SPM. The XLO Unlimited has considerably more upper bass energy and definition,more very low level details and doesn't have the brightness in lower treble the SPM is noted to have. Hearing considerable things in recording I didn't know was present. The SPM its deleting information your amplifier is sending to the speakers.

Associated gear
Genesis 201 speaker system
VTL 450 SIGNATURE amplifier
Audio Aero Capitol Mark 2
XLO SIGNATURE 2 IC's and type 10a PC's

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various others XLO TYPE 5, SIGNATURE Nordost SPM
can you tell me what are the differences between Unlimited and old Signature (which i own and like very much).Can you tell me also differences between old XLO Signature (interconect- i have it also) and new model 2(and how much is model 2?)?