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I’m finally taking the time to put my two pennies on the board. First of all, I what to give credit, where credit is do. I feel like that, I found a gem, and I don’t want to be greedy as must people would be in this case. I want to share my gem with my fellow audiophiles in cyberspace.

Not long ago, I purchased Wyred4Sound stereo amplifier (200S – 125w output). I been hearing so many good things about D class amplifiers. I decided to give it a try. I did my home work and talked with several companies. After a long research, Wyred4sound cought my attention not only because they worked with PS Audio, but is one of premier custom modifications centers in the country, if not the world.

My budget was a limited at the time, so I went ahead and purchased their smaller stereo amp. When it final arrived double boxed just a few day after ordering it. I could not believe how light and small the amplifier was. Such convenient size was very much welcome after a long time dealing with my 100 pound monster Krell amp. Little did I know after doing some research the primary reason for such small size, just to name a few, is do to its state of the art ICE technology. The craftsmanship was top notch. All the connectors are very solid Gold platted RCA and Balances output. Unfortunately my Cary preamp does not have balanced input or output. The overall feel and quality of parts was well above the amp’s price point.

I was very exited to hear what this little amp can do. I pop in a “Cowboy Junky” cd. All I can say is “!WOW!WOW!WOW!” I could not believe my ears how good it sounded right out of the box.

So what did it sound like after a few days, neutral, uncolored, detailed, with good detail bass. After about 300 hours or so the amp really warmed up. I can safely say the amp gives a very tube like sound, but with a lot more authority on the bass, something that many tube amp lack (unless you pay thousands of dollars). The amp has the speed & resolution of solid state amplifier costing three to four times as much. Resolution and speed is lighting fast. I really don’t see anyone going wrong with this amp. Soundstage is deep and wide.

This amp has that special something that most of us audiophiles are looking for, at least me. Simply put its “musicality”.

Whatever misconceptions you may have read about class D amplifiers (Cold, Analytical, and Flat Sounding) are not necessarily true. At least this is not an issue in my system.

Do yourself a favor an audition one of Wyred4Sound amps. If you are looking for amplifier free of system matching head ache this the route to go. Don’t just audition the amp, buy one. I assure you, you will not be disappointed. Keep in mind that I have the small stereo unit. From what I been told the more powerful mono units sound even better.

Associated gear
Speakers: Usher – 6371
CD Player: Jolida – JD 100 (RCA Tubes)
Preamp: Cary – Tube
Amplifier: Wyred4Sound – S200
Power Cables: Morrow - MAP2
Extra Power Cables: BPT & Shunyata
IC: XLO – Ultra – Shielded
Speaker Cable: Clear Day – Silver Core
AC Receptacle: Oyaide SWO-GX
Electricity: Dedicated 20 Amp. Power line & Ground (16 foot rod)

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Right w/you brother!! people just don't know what there missing. 100 lbs. amps compared to 12-15 pound amp that has more power , cost less, sounds better & 85+ effecient.

A good camparsion is an old tube tv that weighed 70-100 + lbs w/a very small, poor picture & was 50-55% iffecient compared to a 42 flat screen thats 4 times bigger , lighter & the picture quality is fabulous & 70-75% efficient>> same as a 100+ lbs. tube amp compared to a 15 lbs. ICE powered class d amp.

Class D is happening if most audiophiles realize it or not, most if not all companies are producing or in the engineering/development stages of making class d amps. my JL Audio F-113 sub (that I think most audiophiles "in the know" would consider one of the best is powered by class d amplification!& nobody thats had the pleasure of hearing one would say it will rock your world.

My pioneer sc-09tx is powered by B&O ICE module 1400 watts into 10 channels @ 8 ohms. (& yes seperates are not always superior) the wyred4sound amp aim running is the mini mc-3 220(w)3 channel @ 8 ohms & is using the newest B&O module. (90+ efficient) The price was a steal!! (not to mention the near zero added cost to your electric bill/ even if you keep it on 24/7 365.)

If you want or think you need to spend many thousand on a amp to "show off" or get great sound buy a jeff rowland same exact power plant you just pay 3 thousand+ more for a jewerly like cabinet. (no doubt it is nice looking) wyred4sound has all the quality were its needed.

And your right the more hrs. you put on the amp the better it sounds, it seens too melt into what every other components your using.

I think i paid $1,700 for the mini mc-3, less than a good set of speaker cables. Aim up-grading to the mini-5 ASAP!
Im starting to think a lot of W4S company folk are posting info on these amps. Almost too many good things are being said. You dont hear this much about Pass Labs.