Review: Wyred 4 Sound Dac-2 DSD SE MODification DA converter

Category: Digital

This is more of just a update, this dac with all the added far superior upgrade parts then the competition
truly make this dac special, precision is the best word I can say the Vega dac is very close in character.I have no idea why Wyred did not offer a femto Clock which is 1,000
times more accurate and less jitter then the old Pico clocks,which means more refinement more and more companys are switching as we speak.
the price for a good Femto clock is under $50if bought in bulk I am asking Wyred 4 sound to install one in my unit .My friend has a exa sound dac and the femto clock made a noticeable increase
in detail as well as refinement .even the $400 Geek pulse dac has a Femto clock. THESE GUYS NEED TO GET WITH IT!
if you GuYs are smart let Wyred 4 sound know for any dac upgrades there is No sane reason to stick with a old fashioned Pico second clock which deals in the Millions , when a Femto clock in the Trillions .No excuses other then to use up old stock .if a $400 Geek pulse dac can use one
most certainly any dac over $2k
this dac in the current SE version In MY opinion sounds very very good the Femto clock is all that is needed to trump their completion, for their upgrade parts are Far higher quality and much tighter specifications ,in digital timing means everything .Request FEmto clocks ,if they refuse tell them that is a must in your new dac Excuses
Not excepted -Period.

Associated gear
Krell 550, Revel F208 loudspeakers
Auraliti digital player with linear power supply MIT HT system cables
Wireworld Platinum 7 ,and silver starlight7 USb cables

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S/he writes better than half of the job seekers with whom I interact.

The real issue isn't the review or even the product; rather, has anyone downloaded any music in DSD format created by any established and well-known musician?
It's not a non sequitur. It might be irrelevant, but that is not the same thing.
I disagree. While it apparently has several specific meanings in legal matters, for every day speech, it is defined as "A statement in which the first part is totally unrelated to the last part."
I believe my usage was proper in commenting on Lse's post.