Review: Wright Sound WPA-3.5 Tube amp

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I had these Wright 2A3 amps for about 6 months, until I changed to using the Silverline Sonata II's.

I had been driving my various Klipsch speakers for awhile with the Monarchy SM-70's, with nice results, but I wanted more detail and less high end.
I changed to the Wrights, and was able to get the sound, depth, detail and soundstage I was looking for. Of course, it also helped that I changed from an inexpensive AMC preamp to the Wright WPL-20. Awesome unit - but that is for another review!

My Wright 2A3's came with stock tubes, and although there is nothing wrong with the Sovtek 2A3, after hearing a pair of 1943 RCA black plates on a friends Moondogs, I had to have a similar pair. I found a pair of 1945 RCA's, and I loved them. I also rolled the 5Y3's and 6SN7's.

Any changes made in either the tubes, interconnects or cables are very apparent with the Wrights. What comes in comes out, and they are VERY revealing of any shortcoming in the system. Mine was by no means perfect, and depending on the CD or Record, it could be painfully apparent. Still, there is that midrange.......

My musical tastes run from Soft Jazz to Big Band, New Age and Classic Rock. The marriage of the Klipsch speakers and the Wright 2A3 was almost perfect for all of the above.

However, I fell into a deal to good to pass up on a pair of Silverline Sonata II's. I even actually auditioned them with my Wrights, and they were wonderful. Even though the Sonata II's are 95db efficient, it was work for the Wrights to push the big 4 way. Everything was still there, but there was just not enough of it all. NOT to blame the Wrights at all. The Silverlines should just have a min. of 10w, so I need a good 300b or, well, who knows. I am still experimenting.

If I did not have the Sonata II's, (And I am glad I do), I would not have sold the Wrights. (I still will not sell the PreAmp though!)

Future upgrades are a Channel Island DAC, coming in a couple days, Bi-Wire Silverline Speaker Cables, new Interconnects, and who knows where I will end up on amplification. I am leaning toward Odyssey Monoblocks right now. We shall see!

Associated gear
Wright Sound WPL-20 Preamp
Jolida 602A Tube CD
Klipsch K-Horns, Cornwalls, Chorus II's and Silverline Sonata II's.

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Jobman, what differences did you hear between the RCAs and the Sovteks? Did you ever try the AVVT or JJ Meshplates?

Also, what 6SN7s did you like and why. I have a buddy who is going to send me either some Mullard 6SN7s or staggered plate Ken Rad VT-231s. Any thoughts on those in the Wrights?

Thanks for the review and any thoughts you may share.
I have owned a pair for a year now. Excellent amp for the money IMO. From my trials:

For the best sound, Classical or Jazz, a pair of RCA Cunningham single plate 2A3's with an RCA VT-231 (gray glass).

For general listening, the RCA double black plates (the ones with the "R" and transitor symbol - 1940 to 1944 manufacture) with the Sylvania VT-231.

For rock, the stock Sovteks with the Hytron (pre CBS) 6SN7GTA.

For progressive jazz, female vocals, any 2A3 with the RCA 5692 red base.

Didn't like the Ken-Rad 2A3 or 6SN7, though. And, it really did not make a difference to me which 5Y3 was used. The stock Phillips works very well.

Of course, all of the above is just the way I hear 'em.
Thanks Gs5556 much appreciated. What is the max you'd pay for the Cunniingham single plates or the double black plates?

Any experiernce with the meshplates?

With the RCA's, there was a whole world of soundstage and detail that was not there with the Sovteks. Well, it was there, but there is so much more "there" there with the RCA's.
I never tried the MeshPlates.

For 6SN7's. I used everthing from Sylvania to RCA to Phillips. I still liked the RCA's best, and currently in my Wright PreAmp, I have some 1950 RCA's that are beautiful. I imagine the Mullards would be awesome in the Wrights also. While the 2A3's sure do make a difference, the 6SN7's of course have their own signature also, and rolling the 2 in different combinations can be really interesting!