Review: Wilson Audio Puppy 6 Speaker

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Just before Xmas '04 I found a pair of mint Wilson Audio Watt Puppy 6's (black) from a local man here in NY @ a great price (he just bought the 7's)
I went to his home with my friend Kenny (audio engineer) & auditioned them.
I was in 7th heaven listening to Herbie Mann, Dave Brubeck, Doc Severnsen, Ella, Santana, Motzart, Clapton, Rippingtons, Who & others.
After about 2 hours of the audition, I looked at Kenny & he nodded.
I left a deposit & we picked them up on Sat.
Placement is very important:
Within 2 hours we had them set up (placement) & I will never look back.
Great sound:
Bass is fantastic & quick (no sub needed) maybe the best I've ever heard.
Mids are fluid & rich.
Highs are a tad bright, Just the way I like 'em!
I still love my Eggleston Rosa's (in another system), but everytime I listen to the Wilson's - I SMILE!
Cannot tell you how much I really love them in words as this is a speaker you must hear to understand & enjoy.
If you are in the market for a speaker that will do just about everything right (95%) & not just satisfy you - give the puppies a listen.
A great speaker - if not a fantastic one.
Find yourself a pair of pre-owned WWP6's & SMILE!

Associated gear
Kef 204C xI center channel
Talon Roc 2002 sub
Eggleston Works Fontaine (pair) rear
Eggleston Works Isabelle (pair) surround
Samsung PPM42S plasma display
B&K 507 receiver
B&K Phono 10 phono amp
Marantz DV 8400 DVD/CD/SACD
Nottingham Mentor turntable
SME V5 arm
Kimber TAK ag wire
VDH Frog cartridge
Tandberg TCD 440A cassette

Similar products
Have either owned, heard or have friends whom have owned most of the better equipment available
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I'm pleased you're satisfied with your purchase. I have
not hear the Version 6.0 of the WATT/Puppies, but I have
listened several earlier versions on a number of occasions.
I only heard one setup that was even acceptable. Most were
awful with a mechanical, amusical sound. For sure I think
they are a poor value on the market. In my opinion there
are any number of better speakers for substantially less
money (starting with Magnepan 3.6's). But that's what makes
this hobby fun....different strokes for different folks.
As a prior magnepan owner and now a wilson owner I can do a better comparison. The earlier Watt Puppy 5.1's were a bright speaker that required careful component matching (no Krell need apply), the WP6 were leaps and bounds better than the 5.1.
I was personally looking at the MG 3.6's and 20.1 but choose Wilson Watt Puppy 7's because ultimately Magnepan's can't produce the dynamic volume I need, and most importantly WP's work in small and large rooms and don't require 3-4' feet behind them. The WP7's solved the brighter tweeter but once again I've heard tons of Wilson setups around the country when I was making my decision that either sounded bright and etched because of the poor electronics put in the signal path. It comes down to system synergy and wilson put your other components under a microscope.

The seamless and smooth ribon tweeters on the magnepan are amazing but the current required to drive them must also not be forgotten...

Jvogt: If you like magnepan's you owe it to hear a good wilson speaker setup, because no other dynamic speaker is as fast as the wilson, which was my favorite attribute of the magnepan ribbon tweeter.
I have to agree with Jvogt. In my View the Puppy sisx is an amusical speaker. I never listen to them without having a headache after a half an hour or so. I listened years ago when making a decision as to what to buy in that price range and spent two didfferent ocassions listening to them at two different dealers with different equipment up front. Both times my and my wife's reactions were the same. Steely highs, unintegrated speakers. I finally bought Proac Response 4s, after listening to B&W Nautillus speaker, the Maggie 20 the Monitor Audio 100 and the top Dunleavy of the time and a Genesis model the number I forget. I thought that all of them were decent and reasonable purchases escept for the Puppies.