Review: Wegrzyn Loudspeaker Company Silver Slam & Silver Nuance interco Speaker cable

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Dear Audiophiles,

This is my revised review. Please discard or delte the first review.

Walter Wegrzyn is a new name in the design of high-end speaker cable,

interconnects, and power cords. I want to share with you my impressions of

his Silver Slam & Silver Nuance interconnects, power cords and his hybrid

speaker cable.

I been in audio for 20 plus years, worked for a major electronic

manufacture, owned some great gear and cables over the many years. Walters’s cables are right up there with the best of them and I mean the best of them regardless of price. I owned cables up to $5,000 an eight-foot pair and his cables sounds more balanced, open and musical.

Walter builds each cable by hand, with the superb Furutech connectors (powercords), the WBT's (for speaker cables), and with your choice of cable color,

how’s that for matching your décor and at a fair price to boot: Remember
quality still costs something. Please see Walter's information below for
e-mail address and phone number.

I have tried many brands of cables, some much more expensive than Walter's,but I have never heard such balance from the upper range of the music to the lowest range of the music.

I used the cables for over 6 months on four different systems either friends or mine. Equipment used Mcintosh MC 402 amp, C200 Preamp, Sony SCD1 CD Player and the Dynaudio Confidence 5 speakers. All connections were balanced XLR from front to amp.

My personal impressions on my system, and on my friends audio systems.

The cables deliver a fast, open, natural detail sound that I have not
experienced in any cable to date. The bass is tight, fast, and very
detailed; stand up bass is the best I have ever heard. Staging and depth is also outstanding.

Transparent Ultra sounded rolled off and bass heavy, MIT a little better,
Seltech was very rich sounding, and Harmonic Technology Magic, closed in and a bit dark but musical. We all stood around in shock to tell you the truth. We did not expect this at all!

Walters Silver Nuance sounded more balanced then any of the above; in simple terms in my system it had all the positives of the above, yet none of the drawbacks.

Frank, Elvis and Billie vocals were natural, with a reach out and touch, in fact when they sang you could picture them in your head, I have rarely had that experience.

Piano is open & natural with nice weight at the bottom end. Harry James
trumpet on the Sheffield Labs CD's had a beautiful tone and bite, much like the real thing. Bass and Stand-up bass were natural and light when called for and weighty when fingering at the lowest registers.

Older tube recordings from the 50's sounded warm as a golden glow of a tube in that era could be. What an era of recordings. Newer recordings sound just like they should, electronic and processed, but Princes new Musicology CD was scary, just listen to the title track and see what your system can do. It shook my room.

I played the Elvis is Back CD (Living Stereo Recording) which everyone
should own, the tracks Fever and Are You Lonesome Tonight was so real that
you swear you were in the studio! And the blues cuts really rocked like you had the band in the room and you could hear Elvis playing the rhythm
acoustic guitar as clear as a bell. In fact on Fever you can hear his
jewelry rattle when he raises his hands while singing a phase. Now that is real.

Sinatra voice was warm and for the first time I could hear him slightly
change nuances that made you really hear how he could phrase and swing.

Massed horns had bite, yet sounded natural where you could pick out sections of the band. Drums when recorded right shook the room and I could feel my chest move a bit when the drums were recorded right. Now that's moving some air.

Keep in mind that my speakers go down to the low 30's only, also no mid-bass hump or mid range veils or rolled off highs, even though the bottom end was strong, this is a first in my experience.

My equipment is good but with Walters Silvers Nuance cables, brought forth
just how good the equipment was, or in hindsight could be.

The artist who have recorded your favorite music will thank you, because for once you will hear there recordings with all the emotion and feeling that was intended when the recordings were first made.

I am now fretting about some of the CD's I traded in, they may have been
very good, just my old cables were adding they own colorations.

I really cannot find fault with your product. I am very meticulous, and I
look to find faults! The cables look great. It is nice to have wires that do not dominate the room.

I can honestly say this is the best buy I have ever made in the category of interconnect, speakers wires and power cords. This just may be the best buy I have ever made in audio during the past twenty years.

Sound engineering and sound electronic theory has produced a stellar break
through in getting the signal from point A to point B with very little
change or added distortion or phase shifts from the original signal.

Walters’s cable use high purity cooper and separate runs of Silver to make
the gage needed for the equipment it is to be used for.
The speaker cables are made with the hot and cold cables separated with
there own run, i.e. 2 cables per side, this keeps blurring from happening.

The power cords really free your equipment up, your amp will really put out current.In fact, the Harry James disc never sounded so alive and real, in fact I am playing my music at a lower volume due to the congestion being gone. I believe the amp the Mcintosh MC 402 getting the current from the wall as needed. I would say the same for the Mcintosh C200 preamp as well as the Sony SCD1, which by the way does not sound thin or bright at all, check your system out because the Sony is not the problem.

I also should mention these cables lower the noise floor to as low as I have heard in my system. In fact the above results were also evident in my
friends system when I took them over for them to have a listen. All were
impressed enough to purchase some.

I have to mention that the spade lugs and WBT & Furutech connectors used on their speaker cables and power cords are the best I have seen used in these categories in this price range. Other overpriced cable manufactures should use such high quality connections.

I have never enjoyed my music collection as much as I do today. Bottom line is this, if you want to hear your system (audio / video) at its best, then these cables are for you. If you want a big name brand and wish to over pay for lesser sound quality then more power to you, your pockets are deeper then mine and I have deep pockets.

Please take the time to give the good folks at Wegrzyn Loudspeaker Company a call, your system will thank you, and your pocket book will thank you.

This is a break-through product and deserves the attention of all
audiophiles and home theater customers. The cables will take a couple of
weeks or more to break-in. They may sound great at first, then become dark
or bright depending on your system, and then progress to perfection.

No matter what your system is it will sound better with these cables.
Of course, all *normal burn in rules apply these cables; may take awhile to burn-in.

Walter has a great product that deserves the attention of all music lovers. Folks the money you save when buying these cables could buy you a lot of new CD’s or LP’s for your music collection.

The reproduction of recorded music is what our hobby is about, and these
bring the music home in spades. Hearing & believing, you must try these
cables in your system, regardless of the cost of your system. It will sound better!

*Break-in is part of any good electronic system, new demands have been made on your electronics, and they have to adjust to the changes.

Product Weakness: None. Not a mass made brand name, but that should not detour you from considering this cable it is that good.

Product Strengths: Quite,Transparent, Detailed and Musical.

For more information please contact Walter.

MESA, ARIZONA 85210-3613 USA

PHONE: 1-480-464-5547
FAX: 1-480-464-5547

Associated gear
Mcintosh MC402 & C200, Sony SCD1 with Confidence 5 speakers.

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I managed to buy off Ebay a Wegrzyn 25ft HDMI cable, suitable for a projector (it will be used for that eventually) and I use it from my PC and it's quite good, better than my Belkin 4K cable that is 6ft on my Sony 75" 4K.

I was looking for more of his cables in Agon when I saw this thread.

I purchased a used Copper Power Slam AC pc on this site back in Feb.21. I'm using it on my Wyred4sound DAC 1le. Wonderful cable! 
Are you still using the Wegrzyn cables? I guess they're out of business. They used to advertise heavily here.
Thanks for the information, I will try to figure it out for more. Keep sharing such informative post keep suggesting such post.