Review: Volent VL-2SE Monitor

Category: Speakers

Out of all the speakers I have owned over the years, I have never bought a pair without auditioning them first,until now. Because of a review I read from 6Moons I decided to take a chance as he had reviewed a pair of speakers favorably that I already owned ( Tonian Labs ). Prior to those I had Infinity Studio Monitors, Infinity Renaissance 90s, Lynnfield 500s, Genesis 500s and Pipedreams.
All I can say is Wow. These are the best speakers I have ever had in my system. They put out a huge three dimensional sound stage well beyond the speakers, spot on image with plenty of air around the instruments, and bass that is tight, tuneful, and goes lower than any monitor I have ever heard. The tonal balance, to my ears, is right on whether I play them loud or at low volume.
They seem to take to a 50 watt tube amp equally well as a 200 watt solid state amp,however, I do prefer the solid state amp because of the tight control of the bass. I have a pair of REL subs but with the VL-2SE they just aren't necessary.
I have had these speakers in my system for about 4 months now. Long enough to know they are home to stay. They do everything better than any other speaker I have owned and I can't seem to find anything objectionable.
Since I am retired and on a fixed income, they will be my last pair of speakers. I can't think of a better pair of speakers to finish my system.

Associated gear
Oppo 105D universal player, NAD M51 Dac, Music Hall 9.1 TT, McIntosh C100 Preamp, Music Reference RM-10 tube monos/ Oasis 200 watt class A solid state monos, Audiotruth diamond and stirling cables.