Review: Virtual Dynamics Signature speaker cable

Category: Cables

I first used these 12 foot true shotgun speaker cables with my Aerial 10T's as the front speakers in my Home Theater setup. After approximately 500 hours, I must admit that I have been completely happy with the representation of sound and music. I then transferred the cables to my new Whatmough 303's and even though the 303's are brand new, the immediate sound was very good. I have now had the opportunity to have "burned" in the Whatmoughs and the speakers have improved quite a bit. When I listen to "new age" or "jazz", it seems that every instrument comes through clear and as though one were in the orchestra pit itself.

I previously used Nordost Red Dawn prior to my buying the Signature cables and before that I tried any cable that I could get my hand on. Rick at Virtual Dynamics has done something that many cable manufactors could not do. Make a great sounding speaker cable for a reasonable price. I noticed an immediate difference in quality of sound and will not go back to any other cables.

Associated gear
Whatmough 303 speakers
Aerial 10T speakers

Aragon 8008BB x 5

Krell HTS

Similar products
None comparable although I used Nordost, JPS, WireWorld, Cardas, etc