Review: Virtual Dynamics Power 3 - Sixth Anniversary Edition Power cord

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The 6th Anniversary Power 3 cord proved to be super. I burned the thing in for 27 days on my refrigerator and, returning from vacation, could not wait one more day to try it out.

I put the cord on my Pioneer Elite DV-47Ai DVD player employed as a transport. The Power 3 delivered vastly superior resolution to the after-market cord I had been using in that spot. To be fair, that cord was more appropriate for an electricity guzzling component like an amplifier than on my transport.

Transient speed was notable and the dimensions of my soundstage increased in every direction. My experience with my first Virtual Dynamics product was an outstanding success. Easily one of my top ten system improvement moments.

Danke schoen to Rick Schultz and Virtual Dynamics.

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I have to agree with you. I tried the Power 3 on my MBL 5011 DAC and was amazed at how much my soundstage grew. Not only did the soundstage get wider but now the music sounds like it is enveloping me, instead of sounding like it was only coming from the front of my room. I was so impressed I picked up 2 more Power 3 for my transport and dac to try out. I am now seriously considering moving up the Master 3.0 power cord. I have not tried every power cord out there, but of the ones I tried, these made the improvements that were relevant to me, helping to address issues that my particular setup and room had (limited soundstage).
I have a master3.0 on my esoteric cdp the sound improvement and drop in noise floor was substantial--So when I received 2 pwr 3 cords I experimented and put them on my symphonic line mono blk amps not expecting the 14g cords to deliver ---again an improvement over previous (very good cable)-increase detail drop in noise floor but more important was a musical rightness to the sound---great products thanks Virt Dynamics--Rich
Is there a difference between the Anniversary Edition and the regular Power 3?
I was one of the lucky recipients of Virtual Dynamics recent Christmas Power 3 giveaway and have been living happily with a new Power 3 for a week or so now.

I've been very pleasantly surprised with this cord. Initial impressions are quite positive. I ended up reconfiguring my system (cord wise) following insertion of the Power 3 as it definitely revealed deficiencies in the cords I was using (DIY cryoed DH Labs cables which can be made for about $60). My system has been changing over the past 5-6 months and the Power 3 revealed the DH Labs to be a bit congested and not as clean or resolving as the Power 3. I had replaced some cryoed DIY JPS in-wall cables (more money to build than the DH Labs) with the DH Labs about a year ago because I preferred the DH presentation with my system at that time-it now turns out that I am back to (along with the Power 3) the DIY JPS-in-wall on my integrated and phono preamp and the DH Labs are out, proving that, once again, system synergy is critical. I believe the Power 3 to have a slight (maybe even not so slight as I can't compare them head to head) edge over the DIY JPS I have in my system, leaving me possibly looking at upgrading the JPS, but I just don't think I can make another Power 3 work in my system.

In the end the Power 3 ended up on my line conditioner which is on the floor, feeding both my Phono preamp and my turntable as it was simply too heavy to be used with the phono preamp without some major support structure being constructed and there is simply not enough room between my integrated and the wall to bend the Power 3 into place. That may be the drawback for some with this cord; it is heavy and unruly.

But if you can get by the weight and stiffness, the Power 3 is a very good cord. At it's recent promotional price (I believe around 50% off from the manufacturer) I would say that it is an absolute no brainer and steal if you can make it work for you. Even at full price, I would say that it is very good value, if not downright impressive, within the context of cords that I've used in the past in the $250-$350 retail range.

Thank you very much Rick!

I don't know. I just listed the product as noted. I'm pretty sure a quick note to Virtual Dynamics would yield the answer.
At only $500.00 dollars give lessloss a try, you may in for a pleasant positive surprise. I just recieved my 4th one and connected to my McIntosh MC403 amp and my step improved another notch, I never heard another power cord bring out the best in my system like these power cords have.

The more you add the more improvement, even when you insert one your jaw drops, and you hear it right away within seconds.

I have two more on order, and I will be buying a few one meter for my line conditioners and Pioneer Elite Plasma TV.

Mr. B
I just bought one on agon,and I totally agree with Wellfred.They are superior to the aftermarket cord I had on my cambridge 540c.I really like this cord,the only drawback it is stiff and heavy.My initial impressions are very positive.
My new Power 3 yielded the same positive results in soundstage, and, as in Tboooe's post, an enveloping of the music around me, with a more defined sound from top to bottom. Everything sounds so much closer to being right there at the performance. Warmth, depth. I installed mine between the pre-amp and the Monster 3500 MK II AC filter. The quality of the improvements were so great, I bought one for the amp, one for the CD player, and another for the AC filter. Had to modify the AC filter in order to swap cords, as the unit was hard-wired. I just put them in the system today, and I'm expecting great things to happen as they break in.