Review: Virtual Dynamics Nite Power cord

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The Virtual Dynamics Nite Power Cord came in the mail about a week ago and was already burned in with the Audiodharma cable cooker. I plugged it right into a Cary 303 with HDCD and listened direct to the amps, bypassing the pre.

The construction of this Power Cord is just phenomenal. Both terminations are using very good looking hospital grade parts. The outer jacket is some sort of stranded and braided metal. The power cord uses 3 separate solid conductors similar to their Audition, Reference and Signature models.

The first noticeable effect of the cord was increased transparency and reduced noise floor. Apparently Virtual's 'Dynamic Filtering' technology is used to the fullest extent in this model. The result was clean, neutral sounding music.

Compared to their Audition Power cord it just blew it out of the water, as expected. Noise floor was non-existent and depth was increased.

Compared to the Cardas Golden Cross, well, let's just say it took about 3 seconds to pull the Golden Cross out.

The Nite Power cord is by far the best Power Cord that I have ever heard and pushed our test CDP to its limit.

Associated gear
Cary 303 Used Instead of the EAD U2000
Direct to Magnum M120 Monoblocs

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