Review: Virtual Dynamics Nite Platinum Power cord

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I recently posted here in the Forums asking for help with power cords. I was looking for something with excellent focus while offering a fuller, more lush sound. My reference for soundstaging/imaging/focus was the TG Audio Silver power cord. It had snapped the "audio picture" into focus when I used it on my amp (Calaf) like I hadn't heard since I briefly used the Nordost Quattro Fil a few years ago (the Nordost cable was way too lacking in body for my system/taste, however).

I received several good recommendations and an offer from Mr Schultz of Virtual Dynamics to try his Nite Platinum pc which he felt would satisfy my needs. The cable arrived promptly and I began the burn-in process. This is a HEAVY power cord. It requires more-than-average care in installation. It bends and holds the shape it is put into.
I'd compare it to Anti-cables speaker cables in this respect, only with three runs and a heavy jacket. With proper supports, this cable is actually quite easy to work with; just don't expect your components IEC's to hold all that weight unsupported.

I found that the Nite Platinum needed about 2.5 weeks of frequent use to burn-in and sound right. It spent most of that time on the Alchemist amp powering the subs of my speakers. Eventually I moved it onto the Calaf powering the satellite section of my speakers (the Eton drivers).
Here it replaced the TG Audio Silver (a word about the Silver--it tends to have a dense center image either not spreading the individual sounds out or perhaps pushing them
into the center of the soundstage. However, sounds for either the far left or right are reproduced that way, FAR to the left or right). With the VD NP in the system, the center images spread out in a more natural way. Image focus was, indeed, quite good. It's hard to compare it to the Silver though as the VD NP is rather forward in its presentation while the Silver is laid back. This affects the perecption of depth. The VD NP didn't seem to portray depth as well (this was even more apparent compared to the Fusion Audio Enchanter). However, like a good SET amp, the VD NP put images up-front where you could clearly "see"
them. It was easier to follow the performance from the VD NP's perspective.

I just received my JAS Array 2.1 back from the shop a few days ago. To this point, all listening was done with the Consonance Calaf. The JAS uses 805's and 300B's. It embodies the SET sound I was referring to. I didn't like the VD NP on the JAS as it was too forward and could get aggressive. I don't blame the cord or the amp; it just wasn't the best combination. I then tried the VD NP on the Consonance SACD 2.0. BINGO!!! Here the soundstage took on a more neutral presentation with very good focus and respectable depth. I heard palpable images that did not spread out and blur. Very nice, indeed!

So far I've only mentioned soundstaging/imaging/focus as that was my first priority in a new power cord. Clearly,
the VD NP is quite good in this respect. However, it does so much more than that! The VD NP sounds big-boned, full
bodied, and can boogie. On the SACD player, bass became much fuller without bloat and the midbass slam was phenomenal. Music sounded more real and alive and the tone was as good as I've heard.

The VD NP turbo-charged my system on the source. It was quite good on the slightly laid-back Calaf and wasn't a good match for the SET JAS Array 2.1 (I couldn't fit it in place on the PS Audio P-600 without severe bends). All in all, I VERY much like the Virtual Dynamics Nite Platinum power cord. Its forward presentation probably will play a role in its useful applicability in any given system. Give it something not already balanced too much to the forward and it is an extremely good value at this price point. Thank you Mr Schultz!! The Nite Platinum is highly recommended!!!

Music was extremely diverse covering anything from Nat King Cole, to Modesky,Martin,& Wood, Steve Roach, Patricia Barber, to Clutch. About the only music I didn't throw at the VD NP was classical. Sorry.

Associated gear
AMPS: JAS Audio Array 2.1/Consonance Calaf/Alchemist Audio Product 8
SOURCE: Consonance SACD 2.0
SPEAKERS: Custom using 2X6" midbass drivers/metal dome mid & tweeter from Eton and 2X12 NHT subs per speaker internally wired with Anti-cables

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I've had, in the past, Gutwire PowerClef, Electraglide Genghis Khan, Stealth M-21, BMI Whale Elite/Shark/
Whale Supreme MK II and presently have TG Audio Silver, Argent Audio Brujo, BMI Hammerhead Gold MK I, and Fusion Audio Enchanter
What is your overall opinion of the Calaf? I have a DK MK2 I am replacing.
Hey,,What did you think of the BMI Hammerhead? It is an amazing product to my ear. It may err a bit on the mellow side for amps, but is the best i have found on pres and sources. and, i actually like it on my amp (plinius p8} in my present configuration. i have used the electraglide, stealth, tg audio (may he rest in peace}, and the fusion cords and none offer the same balance. foils sound bright to me, but exciting; the gabriel gold rapture pc is also an amazing power cord and worth checking out. i use several gg's and bmi's and and looking around no more....