Review: Virtual Dynamics Nite Interconnects Interconnect

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I have been very fortunate to have met Rick of Virtual Dynamics and have used his cables exclusively now for the past year or so. I originally used the signature i/c's and found immediate improvement in my music over any other cable I have used. I was using Kimber select at the time and I was blown away by the improvement. Rick suggested that I give the NITE series I/C a try and WOW....the improvement in every aspect of my system was tremendous.
The soundstage, the clarity of sound, the being able to get lost in that special spot was something that I did not believe was possible. With these cables.......this and more is right at your fingertips.....

Do yourself a favor and contact Rick and see what kind of deal he will make for you...whatever it is, you will be blown away by these cables and eventually do what I did and have your complete system with Virtual Dynamic NITE series cables....

Associated gear
Whatmough 303 speakers
Aragon 8008BB x 5
Krell HTS

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Your review would be most helpful if you could compare the VD cables to the others you say you have used. Your review would also carry more weight if your comparisons were detailed by siting your full system including room dimensions, etc., music used and so on.

I would be very interested to learn about these cables otherwise.

Thanks for the input Avnut. Prior to switching to VD, I used Cardas Gold Reference in a bi-setting with my Aerial 10T's. My power came from an Aragon 8008 X 5 with a Krell HTS as the processor. I used this in both a HT and stereo setup, with a Aerial CC3 for center speaker. Prior to that I had Nordost Red Dawn II bi-wired and before that Red Dawn I in a two channel setup. I used Kimber Select 1030 for my I/C's. Before that I used Red Dawn and Quattro by Nordost. I have tried Audioquest (many different), Wireworld Silver, Cardas Hexlink, Crosslink and others. I used purist Audio Design Aqueous/dominus and JPS Superconductor(not 2).

I had a Krell 300i before my aragon and used Cary 572's with my lowthers before that. Before the Aerial 10T's I had a Joseph Audio 25, B&W 802 Series II and meridian D600/A500/M60. I used many different kinds of I/C's and PC's and many, many more speaker cables. I have been doing this as a hobby for maor than 15 years and have had many different amp/pre/processor setups. I recently purchased my first Rowland and in the next few months I will let you know how the cables work on my new Whatmough 303/503 speakers.

Hope this clears up a little........
Sogvet, my findings mirror yours exactly. Upgrading from Virtual Dynamics Reference to their NITE IC yielded increased spatiality, and clarity. This was right out of the box too! After about a week of use in the system they have really started to show what they can do. I will give another update in a month after they have fully broken in.