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April 2014 issue

Crotalus Adamanteus

The Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake is North America's largest venomous snake. It feeds on rabbits, squirrels, rats and birds. This snake is most likely found in pine flatwoods and fallow, brushy fields bordered by forests. The Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake is considered by some people the most dangerous snake found in southeastern U.S.; however it is becoming increasingly rare. Specimens have been captured as large as 8 feet long and weighing 15 pounds. Fortunately this snake is unlikely to strike at a person unless provoked.

There is a picture of an Eastern Diamondback snake here.

Germanicus musica amators anguis

The ViaBlue snakes stem from the forests of western germany.
They feed on audiophiles and rabid jazz lovers. They dangerously slither into your home and inject a deadly venom of light honey gold into your stereo system. Audiophiles beware, this venom is crystal clear and undetectable by the human eyes or ears. Once you are bitten you will be paralyzed in front of your stereo in your easy chair and you will not be able to move.

The ViaBlue SC-2 silver series speaker cable is available from RAM electronics. A ten foot pair sells for around $234.
It is also available in different lengths. Appearance wise it resembles the Eastern Diamondback snake. It is dangerously appealing to audiophiles and especially jazz lovers because it just disappears and lets the music play with an excellent depiction of jazz brass instruments.

You're once, twice, three times a reptilian

I picked out a couple jazz cd's that would show off the nice
tonal quality of the ViaBlue speaker cable. The Modern Jazz Quartet at music inn with guest artist Sonny Rollins is a very nice live recording from 1958. On track number nine titled, "Midsommer", John Lewis puts in a very nice performance on the piano. The piano sounds refined and has a
light touch to the sound also. The vibes on the right side of the sound stage appear several feet behind the plane of the speaker and they show good solidity and you can also hear a slight sense of room space. The triangle and cymbal work on the left side of the sound stage is clean with short to moderate depth. Tone is very good with a slight golden sound to the highs. Upright bass is fairly clean with a good
sense of resonation. This is a very nice cd that i think jazz fans will like.

The Miles Davis , "Miles Ahead" recording also displays very nice tonal qualities and the ViaBlue speaker cable showed this off to a good light. Track number one, "Springsville",
has a very enjoyable light golden hue to the sound. It also displays a rather open sound with nice bite to the horns. Rhythm and timing is very nice. The sound is pretty clean and the horns have a nice lively presence.

To give you a sense of the dynamics and deep bass that the speaker cable is capable of i chose an eclectic blues recording from the Contemporary Blues Interpret The Rolling Stones blues on the rocks series. Track number six titled, "Wild Horses", has a vocalist by the name of Otis Clay. If you listen closely to the vocals you can tell that Otis has a gap in his teeth. After i listened to this song i googled ,"Otis Clay", and found a picture of him, and indeed, he has a gap in his middle teeth! This song has a clean and clear sound with a deep and dense bass drum that punches you in the stomach. The highs are pretty clean and solid. The guitar has a nice open, lively sound and a very appealing twanginess. The dynamics are very good.


Tone +
body +
nice upper frequency detail
excellent depiction of brass instruments
good dynamic shift
reduced muddiness
very good musicality
smooth +

No snake oil in my coffee

The ViaBlue speaker cables might seem a little pricey, but when you take into account their excellent tonal quality and body, as well as their craftsmanship and style you will appreciate these cables as a nice investment. I have been bitten by the ViaBlue speaker cable snake, and my butt has been glued to my listening chair ever since.

Associated gear
Arcam AV50 integrated amp
Denon DVD-2200
Teac LS-H265
Paradigm speaker stands
virtue audio nirvana ic
Cullen Cable power cord

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Looks very interesting. I see that they also do a bi-wire version. Thanks for the thoughtful review. They look to be well built and a good value for the money. I also liked the fact that they offer a 30 day trial period.
This review gave me a good chuckle, helped me to decide to get a pair of these cables for my trumpet player friend's hi-fi.