Review: Venhaus flavor 1 & 2 Power cord

Category: Cables

I like rock, blues and jazz music and i`m 60/40 in favor of music vs ht. I want a sound that is balance across the board and for sure not to bright for my ears. First time i`ve tryed the flavor 2 was during a dvd show and after put it on, ther was a diff.with the bass, get more bass and tighter one, and the sound was cleaner, voice less grainy and air around instrument.It replace the stock cable of the Rotel Rsx-1067. For cd it had a tendency to be brighter some time with Rock music but with time it softened. For the flavor 1 it replace the stock cable on the Rotel dvd player and it is not burned-in. For the first listining i`d used Dave Matthew`s new cd and it was clear, tighter bass and no grain in his voice. More air around inst. and less fatig to listen to! Again it`s brighter and it`s what happening when you bring better courant to your gear. Like i said it will softened! Excuse for my english! For me it make a good change. For better gear i`d probably tried $$$$ cable from Chris.

Associated gear
Rotel Rsx-1067 receiver, rotel dvd player rdv-1050, cambridge d500se cd player and front speaker B&W DM602S3 and lcr60s3 for center. Speaker cable Qed 25th annivers. coax cable qed. interc qed qunex 2 on dvd pl. and van den hul D102 111 on cd player

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