Review: Vandersteen 1c Speaker

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I listen to just about everything. I have a stack of albums ready to play now that include Peggy Lee, Black Sabbath, Miles Davis, Chicago,Ventures,Mike Oldfield....
I purchased a pair of 1c's from John Rutan at Audio Connection in N.J. in 2009. I've known John since Richard Vandersteen clued me in on him in 1991. I've owned 2ci's and 2ce's previously. They were both great speakers. The system I currently have is the one I've spent the most time building. The 1c's are excellent speakers. I listened to many speakers over the years, I've been into audio since 1985. Every time I turn on my system I have to stop to listen. I am using a 50 watt tube integrated and with the Vandersteens I end up listening for extended periods of time. I've come very close to being late for work several times trying to break away. This is the first system I've owned that has done this to me. There is zero listening fatigue yet the detail and even the brashness of a horn or feedback from a guitar is there. The treble is extended but not edgy. This is pretty close to miraculous when it comes to design work using a metal alloy tweeter and Richard Vandersteen is at the top of the list when it comes to speaker design. I can't pick up on the transition from the tweeter to the midrange/woofer driver it just doesn't seem to be there. There is no overhang from the drivers to blur the sound. I see alot of other speakers at and above this price level getting strong praise in magazines. I've listened to alot of these speakers. I've owned some of them as well. They don't add up to the Vandersteens. Add in a great dealer like Joh Rutan and you have a little piece of heaven right here on earth. Have fun.

Associated gear
Jolida 302 brc, Pro-ject Debut(speed box and acrylic platter) /AT 440mla, AT phono preamp,NAD 525 BEE, Kimber 12TC a Kimber Hero.

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He is indeed a good fellow. I moved from NJ to Arizona, and I miss going to his place now and then. He truly loves Vandersteen, and really knows how to get great sound from them. I would also say that he is a music lover first and a salesman second.
I have listened to the 2s and the 3 A sigs there, and remember in particular a very magical session in which he paired it with an Audio Research 100.2 amp. What synergy!
You comments about the coherence are true. Bass with the 3s can be a potential issue in a smaller or untreated room though, as the output is fairly prodigious.
Hi Guys
Recently got a set of vandersteen 1c's and i love em, what kind of toe you set yours at ?
I take a 2x4x8 and stretch across the speaker stands and toe in 1 inch by moving the inside of the speaker and measuring from the 2x4 to the bottom of the speaker. 1 inch in my set up seems to work best.