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Tyler Acoustics Woodmere Loudspeakers

I have owned these since March of 2011 and they are fully broken in at this time as I had purchased them new from Tyler. They are a floorstanding loudspeaker with five Seas Drivers(I believe they are Seas Excel Drivers) in each loudspeaker. They have two ten inch woofers, two seven inch midrange drivers, and a tweeter. They measure about sixty five inches tall on the brass footers that Tyler supplies with the speakers. They are about twenty inches deep and left to right they are about fourteen inches. They come with one piece magnetic grills. I purchased mine in a dark cherry finish but they can be fitted with about eighty finishes that Tyler offers. They are in my living room which is about twelve feet by twenty three feet. I have them on the short wall which means that they are about seven feet apart which is the best I can do in the room. I have my system posted on audiogon if you want to see more pictures. The link is:

The Sound:
Overall, I would characterize the sound as tending to lean to the warm side of spectrum and have a slightly laid back feeling to it. I would not characterize it as overally warm or laid back but those are the words that I can best describe it. The midrange has a good amount of body and weight. The bass is definitely more present than in other speakers I have owned, and the highs are smooth. The loudspeakers deliver a sound that is very natural and non fatiguing. You can listen for long stretches and continue to want to hear more. I tend to get home from work and after dinner , can listen for 3-4 hours and even more on the weekend. The greatest compliment I can give these speakers is that as an Audio person, we tend to listen to the music at time in a critical manner thinking about how our components are doing delivering it but with the Woodmeres , its very easy to sit back and just enjoy it. Tylers loudspeakers tend to be that way in general, but the Woodmeres are excellent at giving a very relaxed, natural presentation to the music that helps an audio person to just enjoy the music and forget about the analysis of the sound. Another aspect about Tylers speakers is that they sound not only great in the sweet spot, but the times that you sit in other positions in the room, I am still amazed at what I hear from the recordings. In another review of a pair of Tylers speakers, I mentioned that they played well as low levels of volume, mid levels and blastling levels. I have owned many speakers that needed to be played at very high volumes to really give me the full effect of the speakers but that is not the case with the Woodmeres.

Set Up:
I mentioned the measurements of my living room and we all have issues as to where we can place speakers. Mine are a foot or two away from the side walls and about four to five feet into the room from the wall behind them. I have seem other rooms where people have them place differently than me and have told me that they have gotten very positive results even if they not as far into the room.

Component Match Up:
So much of our sound has to do with the match of our components. I have solid state class A monoblock amps rated at sixty watts per channel. I have a friend who has the same loudspeakers connected to class D amps and he get very positive results also. I will say that the fact that the loudspeakers are 4 ohm and also because of the nature of the drivers, they tended to need a bit more power then the eight ohm speakers they replaced.

Summary Comments:
This is a loudspeaker system that continues to give me much pleasure as I work my way through my cd collection. I dont have a music server so I have been playing hard disks. I think that the speakers, while quite a good size floorstander, will work in many types of rooms and they are very easy to listen to. Their biggest strength is that they are extremely musical and engaging. I find myself just enjoying them and more in particular , the music. For a big speaker, the sound is also presented with all kinds of nuances in the music. The sound stage is excellent even with my setup with not maximum separation between the speakers. The sound while full from highs to bass, also has the refinement that audio people tend to look for and dont get in every loudspeaker. And last but not least, it always a pleasure to work with Tyler Lashbrook who builds the speakers in Kentucky and is very honest about all of his products. He is very helpfull as most of us can thear the components until we get them. I think the Woodmeres are wonderful sounding speakers they would provide anyone with years of enjoyment.

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I missed this review/photo, very nice indeed!! Tyler builds beautiful speakers.
Hi Johngp . so regarding your Tyler Acoustic Woodmeres , which year model are ? so i just saw a pair on ebay with same drivers but they are located below compared with yours , by the way , how much power require these ?