Review: Tyler Acoustics Taylo Ref Monitor Monitor

Category: Speakers

Background: I had owned the same speakers since the late ‘80s, for over ten years. Since then I have owned about four different sets of speakers looking for what suits me. After some trial and error and a little over two years, I have finally found a speaker that’s fills my criteria.

The Tyler Acoustics Taylo Reference Monitors. I have found the speakers to present a full-bodied, accurate and most importantly, musical listening experience. They are very neutral. What you put into them is what you will get out. With a few exceptions. For instance: I have a CD Renaissance “Tales of 1001 Nights”, some of which was recorded live, and like a lot of live recordings made back during the ‘70s, much of it is unlistenable and seems like so much noise. With the Taylos, I have been able to listen again to this CD without my sensibilities being totally destroyed.

A note about realistic listening levels. At higher gain, these speakers do exactly what good speakers should do. As the volume increases that unique effect occurs where the music doesn’t necessarily seem to get louder, but the breadth, depth and realism of the soundstage increases. This, I believe, is just what quality speakers should do.

Associated gear
McIntosh MVP-831, C-39, MC-162

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