Review: Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature Monitor Monitor

Category: Speakers

These speakers are EXCEPTIONAL and VERY MUSICAL. Music has never been So much FUN to listen to. The drivers are very fast, revealing sounds I have never heard before in music I have listen to for over 10 years. If you are not truly enjoying music like you know you should, try the tylers and I'm sure you will be sold. I did a lot of research on the internet and actually listening to soo many, before I finally chose my other components, every night for 2 months reading reviews . No one gives you more bang for your buck than Yamaha, Jolida, and Tyler Acoustics especially if you purchase them used as I did. If you get a Jolida amp, make sure you get an upgraded powercord, used of course. I purchased this 200.00 cord for $70.00. I purchased my signature monitors for 1500.00 including the 350.00 retail stands.

Associated gear
Jolida 1501a, Yamaha DVC 6280, xlo reference 2 powercord