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I should preface my review and let you know I listen to all types of music from Rock to Classical, from low volume to extremely high volume. I dont enjoy systems that are uninvolving. I want to be moved by the music.

Tyler Acoustics Decade D2 Loudspeakers

Well, I am not a Audio person who typically would write a product review but I feel compelled to put some thoughts down about these outstanding loudspeakers. Mine have about 125 hours on them. Let me first state that I have been through many loudspeakers in the quest for Audio nirvana. I strated as a youngster with Superscope made by Marantz, Klipsch, JVC, and as I got older moved into JBL and Triangle. That was before I really got the bug and spent significant dollars on speakers from Dynaudio (Contour 5.4 was the last one) and Von Schweikert 4Jr and Von Schweikert 4SR. Each speaker had its qualities and the higher end Dynaudios and Von Schweikert speakers required many room treatments to handle the sound issues in the typical family room set up. I finally burned out on all of this audio stuff and for a while got out of it totally, both for financial and frustration reasons.

That is the history and brings me to the present . I wanted to put together a musically satisfying system that would bring me enjoyment, would not cost a fortune, and one which would provide me pleasure in my 11 foot by 20 foot living room. I talked to some people and Tyler Acoustics was recommended by many folks. I contacted some of the people who had Tylers speakers and they were extremely effusive about how wonderful they were. Well, I took the next step and called the company. To my surprise a very friendly voice on the other side of the phone engaged with me in a discussion about the Tyler Acoustics Loudspeaker line. This individual turned out to be the owner of the company, Tyler. He was extremely helpful as we discussed his loudspeaker line and the possibilities for my room. I never felt pressured and Tyler would take all of my calls directly and answer all of my questions as he wants his customers to be satisfied with their loudspeaker choice. I decided on the Decade Line and the D2 specifically. The speakers arrived and the first thing I noticed was how beautiful they were( Tyler offers 80 wood finishes) and how well thought out the cabinets were. The grills attach via magnets so there is no need to line up pins. Enough about the looks. I hooked them up and was amazed with the sound. The Tyler Acoustics D2 loudspeakers play the music effortlessly and very smoothly from the highs through the lush midrange to the extended bass. I can listen to them for hours and feel like I am rediscovering my Cd collection as I hear sounds that were not apparent to me before. Whether I sit in my special stereo seat to be perfectly centered for the sound or in another position in my living room, the speakers deliver the music naturally. The presentation is wonderful with a very lush midrange coupled with much transparency and much detail. You get a great soundstage and the music sounds coherent whether it is played at low volume, mid volume, or blasting all out volume. To get this sound from another loudspeaker , I would have to spend two or three times the price of the D2 speakers. They are that good. I am a fairly critical listener and I find myself listening to the music and just enjoying it. This beats listening to your system and analyzing the sound. These speakers let you get into the music and remember why you got the equipment in the first place. Its about the music and Tyler produces speakers that connect you to it in a most enjoyable way. I know this is not the most scientific analysis ever offered but what can I say other than that I recommend Tyer Acoustics D2 Loudspeakers. They have allowed me to once again enjoy the music and that is what I am doing.

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Lector CD Player
Cardas Golden Reference Interconnect
DH Labs Speaker Cable
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it sends on the room. I come out 4-5 feet with my Woodmeres. With the D-2 speakers I came out less but any speaker needs some room
Mines a coming , but i have only 3 feet of depth space to give it. its a small room almost nearfield listening, 12x 15 and its on the 12 side. i have room treatments for the back and front for them. THey will be about 6 feet apart or 7 at most. Tyler told me 2 ft is good but in my experience its always been 3 or 4. Its a small room but i like the Big sound only big speakers can make.