Review: Tyler Acoustics D-2 Speaker

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I have been an audiophile for over thirty years and have owned dozens of speakers in that time by respected manufacturers such as Merlin, Dunlavy, Mc Intosh, B&W, Kef, Celestion, Legacy, etc. I bought my first Tyler Acoustics speakers ten years ago, and since then I have never even considered another brand! I now own three pair, Woodmere II, custom Refrence III, and the subject of this review, the new D-2 full-range speaker. Ty's trade-up policies have allowed me to experiment with diffrent models to find the perfect match for each system. The d-2's are used in a small room, with all Bel Canto electronics. My musical tastes run the gamut from solo piano to Eagles & Fleetwood Mac concerts, and the Decade-2 handles each genre with aplomb. This model replaces the Linbrook and is vastly superior in every parameter, looks, dynamics, placement flexibility, soundstage and openness. I owned Linbrooks for years and was impressed with the driver configuration. I was skeptical that the new drivers would match the SEAS magnesium, but my preconceptions about driver quality have been erased. The new custom drivers are more open, tighter control of bass, and more detail and precise placement of instuments in the vast soundstage. They are easy to drive with a little as 150 watts. The new cabinet design is unique in the industry. Even my wife agrees that they are the most stunning speakers I have ever owned. Ty is a remarkable craftsman. Having an option of over 80 finishes is not something most companies offer. The sound quality rivals speakers that cost three to four times the reasonable price of the D-2. For my needs, in a smaller room, the size does not overwhelm the decor, nor does the sound dominate the room. For the money, no speaker I have heard can come close to the new Decade-2 from Tyler Acoustics. I have visited the factory many times, and each time Ty is trying something fresh. He has a real world-beater on his hands here.

Associated gear
Bel Canto M-300 amp, P-3 preamp, dac-3, Lexicon RT-10

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