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This is my current Turntable
TTWeights Eliminator Turntable, Eliminator 10” Arm, TTCopper Bullet DP32-3.2 Magnum Ring, TTWeights 3.2 lb. Brass Center Weight, TTWeights Super Mat, Audioquest Leopard Tone Arm cable and Shelter 7000 cartridge.
Product Description
Let’s talk about the construction of this beast. It starts life as a block of NADCAP Aircraft grade aluminum that weighs about 90lbs; other metals used are stainless steel & chrome alloys. It is machine with the most advance four axis CNC machinery in the market. A regular machine shop uses three axis CNC lathes. Please visit their site and take a tour of their Aerospace Machine Shop. The large bearing is 1.25 inch in length and 0.500 inch in diameter and it is made out of Oilite (image#4) a self lubricating material in which oil is impregnated in the material. The bearing housing has an oil well to the side of where the bearing makes contact and this well provides the housing with better lubrication as it allows the metal to absorb oil more easily. There is no conventional plinth to speak of Instead it has a Round plinth that weights about 25 to 30lbs. Supported by four adjustable footer, as a matter of fact this turntable reminds me of a lunar module or space ship since it has a very futuristic and modern look that should appeal to a wide range of personalities (image#1). The footers are a work of art on there own they can be adjusted so the turntable can be leveled perfectly and the footers can be locked afterwards to avoid any leveling issues. Also the footers do not show any threads after they are locked in place, a nice aesthetic touch. The discs were the footers sit in also have a 0-ring for isolation and to avoid any kind of movement of the turntable (image#6). A 1/3 horse power motor is housed in a 22lb. pod with a bottom Delring cup witch has a wide O-ring on the bottom to avoid slipping on polished surfaces and for isolation purposes. The motor spindle has three groves to accommodate the three belts that rotate the massive 22lb. platter, which has three groves near the bottom where the belts are pressed into the platter (image#2). This design does not rely on friction alone to turn the platter around, since the belts sit inside the groove they are actually pulling without any slippage. The arm pod weights around 8lbs or so and the arm sits on a machine Delring surface and it too has an O-ring on the bottom to avoid movement and isolate the arm pod from the shelf. The Super Mat is comprised of several layers of Delring, Aluminum and Stainless it can be adhered to the platter for maximum performance. The finished product weight is about 80lbs with all accessories installed so be sure the top shelf of your rack is sturdy enough to hold the weight. Beware of doing the knuckle test too hard on the platter or the round plinth; you will hurt yourself. The speed controller is also house in a machine aluminum chassis, that reminds me more a of a clam shell than a chassis. The inside is machine to accommodate the board and the height of the components the rest is solid 6061 T6 Aluminum. Again beware of the knuckle test. There is tree blue led’s on the front panel; on, 33, 45rpm. The intensity of the led’s can be adjusted on the rear of the controller, the speed in adjustable via two front pods and there is also a selector switch for belt or rim drive incase you choose to upgrade

Set Up
Now let’s move to the setup of this table. It took about 1.5hrs including the cartridge and it was fairly easy to level especially with the machine level that was included in the package. The motor pod can be positioned forward or backwards to the left or right of the table and the arm pod is the same depending on your space constraints. It is very versatile design and beautiful to look at.
How does it sound? Well let me tell you this table is in a league of its own. I have been an audiophile for over 25 years since my early 20’s and I have heard numerous turntables and arm combos, some good some better and this one takes the trophy. The way it reproduces the sound, the articulation and ease of the notes, the flow of the sound it so natural and effortless, the sound stage is not exaggerated just right, it depends on the recording it let you hear your albums with out adding any character of it own.
The bass is deep and very musical all the notes can be heard with out effort, not muddy or blooded sound. The midrange is very musical and organic in nature. It reproduces the female voices with uncanny life like attributes, like they are in front of you singing for you. The high frequencies are just as good as the rest of the musical spectrum, they are reproduced with very life like no edginess or haziness but with life and character that can be heard and felt. Overall the sound of this table is phenomenal in all aspects of sound reproduction I really can find no fault, off course I’m not a professional reviewer nor I claim to be one. I have heard lots of analog gear and by far this is the best I have heard in my system and one that I can afford.

Associated gear
Audio Analogue Bellini MK2 preamp
Rogue Audio Stealth Magnum
Anthem Statement P5 amp
BPT, Exact Power 2000
Audioquest middle of the line cables
Aerial Acoustics 8B modified

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My system has change now I have a tube front end, Rouge Audio 99 Super Magnum with a match quad set of RCA red base 5296 tubes, Rouge Audio Ares with two match sets of Telefunken tubes on my now I now what all the fuzz about tubes and Vinyl was all about.
Nice table! I run with Rogue m120's and enjoy them very much. I use an Audible Illusions 3a, however.....but enjoy it too.

I'm very jelous of your table and have been interested in what TTW has been building.


I also have a TTW Eliminator I purchased about three years ago. Since I have upgraded to 40lb pure cooper platter, copper center weight, carbon platter matt. the new outer ring, Arvo Arm along with 25 lbs. arm pod. Larry also sent me a new belt drive system. This combo of upgrades sent this table to another level that I think puts it into a class of its own for a reasonable price.
Nice setup Cjaronica, I upgraded the arm to the Avro as well and the center weight to the Copperhead 3.125 lbs. One thing that I did and it blew my mind was the Isokinetik counterweight, it made a huge improvement I was stunt at how much better it the turntable sounds look it up in Ebay I bought my from Duo Phonic in the UK.
The firm the produces this is called 'TTWeights' and that tells you what their aim is: weight. Just a matter of time until they have a one ton table. Maybe 'weight' is the key but consideration should be given to purchasing an electron microscope table. This will prove to you that 'weight' is not necessary to provide a stable platform to soak up vibrations. Also, you commit the cardinal sin of turntable set up by having the rig between the speakers. With acoustic energy flying around the listening room, it will impact the TT arm. So, in the end the TTWeights, weight is defeated.
Get a life and a real TT
The firm the produces this is called 'TTWeights' and that tells you what their aim is: weight. Just a matter of time until they have a one ton table.

I believe TT Weights name came from how they entered the high end market, building center weights for (all) turntables.

I’ve had half a dozen of their weights and a couple of them deserve a spot in the best category. Of course what’s best depends on everything from turntable design and platter material to tonearm, cartridge and even the platter mat.

I have not heard the Eliminator but happy it’s being built, the more options for music lovers to get into LP the better the market is supported.
Thank you Al well put. Quote from a reviewer the job of a TT is to spin the platter at a regulated accurate speed. Not inject any mechanical or electrical noise into the system that might be picked up by the cartridge and be impervious to external vibrations. Its what I don't hear when playing my records on this TT that impresses me. Most of my record collection is made up of used and some reissues. Played on this table most sound almost new. Dead quite background with almost no surface noise. I would describe the sound as dead on accurate with explosive dynamics. I believe the quite background is because the TT extremely low noise floor. My two previous TT sounded colored and soft in comparison. It's wonderful to have a company that can provide such great products at affordable prices
Congrats on your TTW turntable! I absolutely live mine. I have the Gem II with the copper platter, copper center weight, Avro (modified Jelco) 10in arm, outer ring and VTA tower. I would compare the sound with anything I've heard out of any other turntable rig I've ever heard. I also have a VPI Scout and there is absolutely no comparison. When my audiophile friends heard my TTW they couldn't believe I was using the same cartridge, such was the improvement.
Spending money does not make you serious, especaily in the hi end audio hobby. Better you read and listen to Jim Smith, then you will be on your way to 'better sound'.
I did not want to mention the names of my two previous TT because I enjoyed them for many years. My point is my TTW table is better. Yes it cost a lot more than my Denon 47P and my VPI Aries but what's so wrong 40 years after getting into this hobby being able to afford higher quality products. Yes I have read Jim's book Getting Better Sound and learned a lot from it. Not all improvements in ones system can be made for free.