Review: Tritium Electronics Triphazers Interconnect

Category: Cables

I wanted to let folks know about recent modifications and cable from Tritium Electronics, and how they affected my system.

First, my system before the latest insertions from Tritium:
Amp: Audio Research VT200 - 200wpc tube amplfier modified by Tritium Electronics. I initially brought it in for a repair, but Mike of Tritium convinced me that there were certain areas, primarily in the feedback loop, that could be significantly improved, so I agreed to his modifications. Not only did he repair it flawlessy, but I got back an amp that shamed its prior incarnation. It improved considerably in resolution and musicality, and maintains a much more stable operating bias. It has been more than a year since the modification, and the bias has not drifted at all. I think this is pretty amazing for an amp with 16 6550 output tubes. I should also disclose that part of his mod included the insertion of Triphazers in the feedback loop.
Preamp: Audio Valve Eklipse from Germany - tubed with Telefunkens
Digital - P-1A, P-3A, Monolithic Power Supply. The P-3A has Dan Wright's Level 2 mods, Classe CDT-1 transport Speakers: Dynaudio Special 25 Monitors, augmented by 2 Yamaha ASW-110 subwoofers (laugh if you want)
Wires - Primarily ZuCable (Mother pc, Varial interconnects) Jenna Labs digital
Filtration/conditioning: 2 commercial Oneac isolation transformers (one for digital, one for analog), PS Audio Ultimate Outlet, Aurios Isolation Bearings, and Gasoline Alley damping sheets applied to shelves and components.
Secret Weapon: various types of strategecally placed Triphazers. A lot of folks have queried me on this product, so I won't get into it here again. All I will say is that Triphazers separate my system from almost any other I've heard.
Analog source - (not applicable to this review)

The latest changes from Tritium were to my P-1A, P-3A, and Monolithic Power Supply. Mike performed what he has dubbed the 'Tempest' mods to these units. As good as my digital source was, the Tempest mods yielded wonderful improvements. The music was conveyed in a way that greatly reduced the 'digital' signature that we all recognize exists when listening to cd's, and leaves most of us wishing that we could make it sound more like our best vinyl recordings.

I then inserted Mike's latest version of cables between the P-1A and P-3A, and between the P-1A and my transport. I also inserted a second pair between my preamp and P-3A. I don't know what he calls these cables, and I don't even know what they are made of, but I believe the digital pair uses pure platinum for wire, and the analog pair uses pure silver. These wires replaced my Jenna Labs digital and my Zucable Varial. I have long touted my Varial as being my favorite cable, which replaced my previous $1200 per meter reference.

I wish I could describe for you the profound improvement Tritium cable made to my system. The most important aspect of it deals with how I became so totally absorbed in my music. I get more resolution, greater transparency, and at the same time less 'digital' signature.

The coup-de-grace occurred when I added a Triphazer to each of the digital connections. I am absolutely floored at what I have been hearing! The Tempest modifications to the P-1A and P-3A were fantastic. And then the insertion of Tritium's wires, followed by the Triphazers, resulted in increasing amounts of goose bumps, literally! I don't know how he does it, but I am a believer! Mike is a genius. He is also very trusting. Now that I've used these items in my system, how can I go back to the sound I had previously? Does he really expect me to return these items to him?
Audiojerry, How does the Tritium and the Zu Variel IC's compare to each other (plus and minus's). Thanks !!