Review: Triangle Art RA-06 AC filter

Category: Accessories


I am in Love with your products! Not only do they perform way, way beyond my expectations, they are simply gorgeous. Works of art, each one. Now I just need to get you to cut me a huge, and I mean huge break on the Reference SE turntable!

I have been listening to my system with the RA Power Conditioner hooked up for a few weeks now and it is well broken in with over 200 hrs of use. Let me Thank you right now for making such a wonderful component. When it first arrived I was in awe of its beauty but now I am in awe of how it has transformed my 2 Channel Tube Hi-Fi set-up. My system is, in my mind at least, comprised of some very good Tube based Audio gear which sounded wonderful to begin with. Like most things in life, however, it could use some help to get the most out of it. Well that’s where the Triangle Art RA Power Conditioner comes in. It has helped to make my system even better.

The RA Power Conditioner has lowered the noise floor of my system, it is actually silent when there is supposed to be silence. When I sit in my chair and listen to music or even a movie I no longer hear the various noises coming from the power lines or video and computing devices. Plus all aspects of the music have gotten better, clearer, more precise, and over all more enjoyable to listen to.

I am very, very satisfied with this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a power conditioner for their Hi-Fi.

The only down side I have seen would be the packing. While it was safely packaged with the proper foam protecting the component I think it could be improved upon. This is a high end product that has a mirror like finish and no doubt we both want it to stay that way, so a more professional microfiber cover would have been more appropriate.