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I had to put this note out there for the benefit of the members. This is now the 3rd time I have been incredibly satisfied by the work of Tom Tutay, of Transition Audio Design. I previously posted comments about a custom designed impedance buffer that Tom built for me some months ago. Check my previosu posts about the very unique issue I had with loading my ARC Ref 3/5 and how Tom solved the problem.

Ok, a much less exciting topic but still worth putting out there. Tom just sent me a set of custom I/Cs. The I/Cs are 15 feet long SE cables that hook my up ARC PH-7 phono stage with my Ref 5. Tom did a great job in capping the I/Cs with very high quality RCA jacks. Also worth mentioning is that the I/Cs run along a side wall near an A/C power socket, do a 90 deg turn around the corner about 6" away from my tube power amp through the whole turn, over a bunch of other wires and stuff and then into the Ref 5.

Here's the good news. Not a trace of hum even though the TT is not grounded -- period! And the improvement in sound is significant -- accross the entire sonic spectrum. Specifically, bass extends even lower and tighter than before and with great kick. Midrange and treble are wide open. Imaging and detail are terrific. I'm listening right now to some Charlie Mingus jazz. Wow, I can smell the cigarette smoke!!

Another custom touch is that Tom checked the cables to ensure that the total capacitance of the cables were equal. Btw, as I mentioned before, capacitance is 16 pF/foot.

I guess the best news is that Tom's price was extremely fair, about $200 for the set.

Obviously, I highly recomend Tom Tutay and Transition Audio Design. Tom is located in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. Telephone # is 850-244-3041. Give him a call. He also repairs electronic gear too.

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