Review : Tojock DVP-506 DVD Player, Conext Link Audio RCA IC. SOTA for the price!

Budget Esoterica Review Magazine

December 2021 Issue


Tojock DVP-506 DVD Player, Conext Link Audio Rca interconnect. SOTA


Inexpensive DVD players have now reached a pinnacle of design with the exciting and new Tojock DVP-506. With very few compromises at the price, this player is simply state of the art and should be heralded as a new budget reference in the under $40 price category. Sonically and visually, the Tojock will both surprise and delight the budget audiophile and video enthusiast with a smooth natural sound and a smooth and vibrant video output.

The Tojock is very small at approximately 10 x 9 x 2 inches and just slightly over 2 pounds, but it walks softly and carries a big stick. The performance simply belies the small size and weight. Most audiophiles equate size and weight with ability , but the Tojock is a jock and no 98 pound weakling. Of course we have a hdmi output on the back but just as important is a coaxial audio output so we can also use it as a high quality transport. 

Next up is the incredibly cheap and cheerful Conext Link Audio RCA interconnect. Only $8 for a 3 pack at Most audiophiles would not even give these a second glance , but they are worth trying and sound just fine. Made from a low noise OFC spiral braid cable, with molded connectors and nickel plated RCA jacks, there is simply not much technology going on here. However, this simplicity in design works , and works very well to my ears. 

I used the Tojock and Conext audio link with my Sony STR-SL7 digital home theater receiver and NHT SB1 speakers. The speakers were placed on 20 inch Target stands placed approximately 3 feet from the back wall and placed about 10 feet apart. I also used the Jefferson Memorial T-Amp stand underneath the Tojock player. This very inexpensive set up worked very  well together. 

I recently purchased a couple of newly released excellent jazz recordings, one of them being, Larry Young In Paris The ORTF Recordings. I played disc 2, track 2,  "Beyond All Limits", on the Tojock and it had good musicality and extension in the highs without sounding too thin. The horns were impressively clean and smooth and slightly rounded. My comparator stereo system that included the Musical FIdelity DAC with like priced speakers and a $40 interconnect did not sound  that much better. 

Another excellent recording is Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, First Flight to Tokyo: The Lost 1961 Recordings. This was recorded live at Hibiya Public Hall in Tokyo Japan on 1/14/1961. The intro to the song was pure and clean and the drum action throughout the song was strong and accurate sounding. The accompanying percussion sounded slightly crisp, but i liked the overall balance and how no area of the spectrum was overemphasized. 

The song , "This is Jazz", by Bebo Best from the album D'jazzonga also showed a very good sense of balance.This is a bright and crisp recording , but i was able to listen to it without much listening fatigue. The highs and lows were both strong and the mid band was just there perfectly balanced like it should be. 

What can i say? The Tojock just impressed me. The Conext interconnect is not bad either. Just buy them!


Nothing wrong with using a DVD player as a transport. Though some here will go "ugh"! Bits are bits! Requirements for accurate DVD video playback are more rigorous than for Redbook CD. The appearance of ever more costly transports is a marketing ploy taking advantage of the insecure and gullible. 

Good for you for choosing those particular cables! Whether it's a $3 red/black Chinese IC or a thousand-a-meter Siltech the truth is they all pass a 20hz to 20khz audio signal the same! Herb Reichert said this back in Listener: "Wire is like a condom. If it works, all is fine. If not ..."