Review: Threshold CAS-2 Amplifier

Category: Amplifiers

I can speak with some authority on the Threshold CAS 2 for I have owned one for several years now. The Cas 1 and Cas 2 were the direct result of the Nelson Pass white paper on Cascode circuit design. This white paper was and remains truly ground breaking. However design is just the first part. The build quality on these amps is second to none. The sound quality and musicality is astounding. The Cas 2 is true dual mono producing 100 watts RMS into 8 ohms.The CAS 2 was one of the first high current amps produced,12 amps instaneous 5 Amps continous.The CAS 2 employs 24 high speed,150 watt output devices for a combined instantaneous reserve of of 3,600 watts. Every part used in the CAS 2 was tested at 150% maximum,before the part was deemed worthy for the build.Frequency bandwidth is +0dB - 3dB 1Hz through 100KHz. +- .1dB 20 Hz through 20kHz at 100 watts per channel. THD is no greated than .03%.With the above being said it is little wonder,so few of the these show up in the used market. People that have them--keep them. Thats just how good they really are and remain so today. The Threshold Cascode amplifiers are a music lovers dream,and after all that what it is really all about. Now some 20 years plus since these were new,this is the ultimate validation of Nelson Pass Cascode design.Find one if you can and cherish it as a true legend of audio history.

Associated gear
Threshold FET II PreAmp,HK T-60 Turntable,Nad 4070A Tuner,Denon 1560 CD Player,Signet MC Cartridge,Polk SDA 2 speakers.
I picked up a CAS-1 at an auction today. I got the amp and a GAS Thalia pre-amp. I really don't need another amp, and don't know that much about them, I did know that it was a steal ($25 for both). What do you think would be a decent price for them on-line. Any suggestions on where to sell them, Ebay? Thanks for any help.
Got a helluva of deal for $25.00 for the both of them The CAS 1 is rated at 75 Watts RMS per side. Typical Nelson Pass Sonics. Although it may need some service if it has not seen any. Probably get $300.00 for the CAS 1.

Not sure of the Thalia preamp-Prices lately all over the place. It will need service,If I remember the GAS Thalia it did have reliability problems.
What are the values for the four main power supply caps in the CAS 2?