Review: Thor Audio TA-1000 Tube preamp

Category: Preamps

Hello, I have never wrote about a audio product before so please be kind. I would like to share with you my experience with the good people at the new Thor Audio. I own a Thor Ta 1000 preamp and a pair of Thor TPA 60 mono amps. I purchased both amp and preamp here on Audiogon. The performance of these components was already phenomenal. I was happy with my system when a fellow Audiogon member told me about the upgrade the new Thor was offering. I had a few conversations with Ted the new owner of Thor. He explained the upgrade in great detail. So after a few weeks of trying to decide how to spend my hard earned upgrade money, I decided to send in my Ta 1000 and let Ted do his thing. After about two weeks my preamp was back home. I could not wait to get my new upgraded preamp back into my system. Since my audiophile vocabulary is not very good, I'll spare you all the discriptive terms. All I can say is this upgrade is the best money I have ever spent in highend far. The improvment is incredible! and it still needs 100 hours to break in. You could not put the same money any where else in your system and get a better bang for the buck...its that good. Plus you get a new 5 year warranty. So if your a Thor owner you owe it to yourself to check it out. If you have upgrade fever, forget about the cables, powercords, line conditioners, ect. and give Ted a call, you won't be disappointed. I can't wait to send in my TPA 60s..... Highly Recommened
Great job...I couldn't agree with you more..I did my T1000 awhile back and am still amaized at how good my old T1000 sounds .......
Could you attempt to be descriptive? How is the preamp better? I thought very highly of the 1000 stock. How is it better and what does the upgrade cost. Do you have any experience with the 2000 with phono stage? Can that also be better?