Review: Thiel Audio CS-7.2 Speaker

Category: Speakers

I'm just "putting this out there" as stark new economic realities become the norm. The second-hand price for the 7.2 is in my view ridiculously low for what you get! Ludicrous!

If you decide you're looking for a bargain on full-range speaks, I hope you can listen to the 7.2. I was just thinking yesterday (yet again) how glorious mine sound. MAN they sound nice.

There's a weird phenomenon like if you're out in a field -- the sort of laid-back, natural, relaxed openess of sounds one hears... This is the feeling conveyed by these brutes: very sweet, relaxed, unmolested, pretty sound. The seductive sound is an irresistible distraction to whatever you might be doing. You may have to have your men lash you to the mast. [Pls. excuse Homerian reference]

Now, you just can't get this high-order resolution from every last recording you have, because they're simply not good enough. But on most of them -- you'll be mesmerized. Especially, or I dare say ONLY, if ALL associated components and interconnects are the finest quality.

Their construction is very durned solid. Smacking the cabinet sides feels like you're smacking a wood-clad granite obelisk. Speaking of masonry, I kind of dig what I call their "Easter Island" appearance, tall and rather reclined-looking. They have a unique "gait" to them that I really enjoy looking at. And of course the wood, joinery and construction are commensurate with what one would expect from a $17,000 loudspeaker.

I really think they're driven best dual-mono with a minimum of 400 watts per side. This CA400 of mine is one of a very few power amps with brass monkeys enough to do a *really* good job in stereo mode.

Yep, do yourself a big-ol' favor one of these days and check out a pair of these dudes. They're sleepers. Where are you going to find a better sound for under $10K I ask, let alone possibly half this amount. The 7.2s were Jim's favorite speakers. And I know why.

Associated gear
Simaudio P5LE pre, Classe CDP-1 CD player and CA400 amp run in stereo mode. Virtual Dynamics Revelation XLR and speaker cables. Linn LP12 etc.
I wanted to add that the Thiel 7.2s are single-pair cable, and in this price category it's quite a savings over the dual-run needs of other speakers.