Review: Theta Digital Data Basic II Transport

Category: Digital

I have found this transport to be an absolutely wonderful piece, especially at used prices, ($350-600 depending on the features). I origainally had a Data II Universal and loved it. The EAD DSP7000III is a great match for either unit (The EAD or the Theta's), but that is another review!
The Theta Data is a simple unit, and has the basic features, and I think a good working and easy to use remote. It is well built and I like the looks of this transport (Mine is black). The readout has large numbers and is easy on the eyes. I like the fact that it has a detatchable power cord, because I can tweak away with that. I am currently using a Synergistic A/C Master Reference.
Sound wise, I was moving up from an old Denon when I bought the Data Universal and was very suprised how good a seperate transport sounded. I tried the EAD T1000 and I knew I had made a mistake getting rid of the Data Universal. I recently sold the EAD and purchased the Theta Data II and am back in listening Heaven.
The EAD T1000 had a good soundstage, but was weak in the bass and lacked depth (Compared to the Data II). It had a tiny little power cord that I replaced, and that helped, but still no match for the Data II
The Data II has an excellent soundstage, feel of space and depth and has great bass. For my sytem, it all works well and is built like a battleship. I highly recommend this transport for anyone looking for a good, low cost front end. I will definately keep this Data, until I can really move up the Theta line!

Associated gear
Audio Research LS7
Marchand XM9 Active Crossover
Threshold S150 II, S300II
Celestion A1's, (Tweaked)

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like yourself, went from a denon 920 to a data II universal.
glad to have read your review and agree with your findings.

theta data II universal/ATT
cal labs sigma II 24/96
monarchy DIP 24/96
nordost silver shadow IC

was surprised though how good the denon stood up on its merits. had it as a transport with a ps audio dac, and at one point of reconfig'ing the system, neglected to properly hook the dac back up. went undetected for a week all denon and again was surprised.

my shopping choice for the transport was the theta.

first built like a battleship, description i've encountered. tank is the adjective of the masses. kurt
i still use ead dsp7000 since i wasn't able to find a better match in the price range. i've acquired this unit for $250 and looking for the improvement in newer tech within $1200...1800 and still can't find. i know that i could jump higher for the dac performance but can't afford.