Review: The LampizatOr DSD Komputer: An Audio Expo in Your Living Room -- or Not?

CHICAGO — I thought I had nailed digital playback in my hi-fi system, but then it began happening too often.  Yet another dropped song.  Warbling passages on others.  An increasing awareness of unpleasant graininess and digital edge with some of my best recordings.  My Toshiba C-55 Satellite laptop was now too slow to accommodate some high res songs and its memory was maxing out.  And like that, my search for a new music server was on.

“Why don’t you let me build you a new one?” my software developer friend offered. 

One night, he brought by his custom programming server, downloaded a media player, transferred some song files, linked it up to my system and performed A/B comparisons with my Toshiba.  We were astounded.  It sounded identical, but was whippet quick – and without the dropouts.  

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I switched from a PC to a Macbook Pro and never have any problems anymore. Sounds great
Hi Alan,

Good for you!  Imagine how much better it would sound with an actual music server that was built for music playing instead of a laptop?  


That would depend upon the quality of the music server in question, how much like a typical unshielded/unoptimized computer inside it was built like, the quality of the DAC the laptop is plugged in to, what O/S is on each, speed of drives (HDD versus SSD, etc...), memory type and speed, how they are optimized, etc....

Blanket statements regarding expensive music servers are always better than laptops don't hold up simply on face value. There are alot more variables in the equation.
No doubt that's true, Zephyr.  However, as I think you'll agree, the Lampizator DSD Komputer is a very well made music server, optimized and tricked out to perform optimally.  Plugged into a good quality DAC and good to great sound system, the results are spectacular!