Review: TG Audio High Purity Silver (1 meter) Interconnect

Category: Cables

Bob Crump, the owner of TG Audio, has always struck me as a man of very strong convictions. For him, the primary requirement of any high end system is that it create an accurate soundstage, which I understand to mean that on properly recorded acoustic material the soundstage be continuous and believeable in width, height and depth. He is fond of criticising systems that have a "hole in the center". I think that this may be somewhat misleading as it can mean a variety of things but generally either that the centerfill is lacking in density or that you can hear the center and the two sides but that the fill betwen the center and each side is either missing or lacking in density/continuousnes. Bob's cable products have always in the past been excellent in the recreation of venue information and centerfill but have not been comparable to the very best available in the areas of cleanliness, resolution of inner detail and tonal correctness. Bob's newer 4/9 cables have made strides in these areas, particularly in top end extension with the change to lower capacitance connectors but never equalled Valhalla in the areas where it stands out. The other side of the coin is that the single ended Valhalla interconnects have always exhibited problems with centerfill as Bob defines that term. Interestingly enough the balanced Valhalla's do not seem to have this problem, nor does the dedicated Valhalla phono cable. Be that as it may, over the past three months I have substituted TG's new high purity interconnect for Valhalla both from source to preamp and most recently from preamp to amp. As you might guess the TG is a champion in the recreation of soundstage and venue, in my system clearly superior to the Valhalla. Surprisingly, it is also as clean , sweet and pure as the Valhalla but with a slightly different tonal balance hich is easly heard on RCA Shady Dogs with string involvement, such as the Schubert Death of the Maiden and the Starker cello recordings for Mercury.

I really like these interconnects and would highly recommend them to others. Although most of my listening was on the Rockport Titan combination, I have had similar experiences with my Lindemann.

Associated gear
Rockport TT, CTC "Blowtorch", Parasound JC-1 amps, Acapella Campanile High speakers.

Similar products
Nordost Valhalla, earlier TG interconnects (4/9 silver).
I took the alternate route. I moved up from Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature to TG Audio High Purity ICs. I'm too cheap to pay Nordst prices, and thought I would be shipping Bob's new $800 IC back to him. No way!! I ordered his speaker cables as an upgrade from my Analysis Plus Oval 9 biwire. Bob told me he would send me a set of High Purity to try. Bob is not only a great cable designer, but ain't too bad at marketing either. After a couple of tunes on your CD player through the High Purity ICs, You think $800 is cheap.It totally transformed my Cary 308T in every performance parameter. I think I know what a Wadia 861 sounds like now. Soundstage, dynamics, extension of all freqs, PRAT, resolution, thy name is TG Audio High Purity.