Review: Teac Z-7000 Tape deck

Category: Miscellaneous

The deck produce high quality sound closed to LP quality. If upgrade the recording and playback section op-amps, the sound quality will increase a lot.
This has got to be the shortest review I have ever read. Then again, I don't
suppose many here are in the market for a high end tape deck. For those of
us who are, thanks for the tip.
I agree the Z6000 is better because you can manually tweak each tape. The z7000 has Auto BLE and it does not do a great job. Otherwise both decks are very naturally colorless sounding and for its age outstanding!
This machine was reviewed in Audio magazine in 1984. They found the computer alignment to be one of the best and most reliable in obtaining a flat response with almost any tape. The calibration includes level, bias and equalisation at 6.3 and 15 KHz. I have owned one for many years and it's still works fine and measures +/- 1.5dB from 20Hz to about 23KHz with pretty much any tape.