Review: Teac LS-H265 Monitor

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July bonus issue

Today i will be reviewing a nice little speaker from Teac that any beginner audiophile would be proud to own. The Teac LS-H265 comes in a beautiful black glossy cabinet that you could compare to the paint on your dad's porsche. The cabinet measures approximately 11 inches high, 7 inches wide and 9 inches deep. This is a very sleek looking speaker. It has no screws on the front. Good quality 5 way binding posts are on the back. There are 4 small rubber feet on the bottom of each speaker. The strengths of the Teac speaker are its robust sounding mid range and accurate bass. The speakers also offer a pretty full and musical sound.

Certain types of drums can have a "woody" sound to them. This was most notable while listening to "No Time This Time" from the excellent "Reggatta De Blanc" cd performed by The Police.

The Teac speakers also offer up a nice sense of bass impact. I noticed this while listening to "Don't Fear The Reaper" by
the Blue Oyster Cult. On track number 2, titled "In Thee" the drum shows very good impact and tautness. The Teacs treble performance is pretty good also. On track number 8, titled "Career Of Evil", i noticed a tube-like presentation to the highs. The highs are glassy, velvety and slightly sweet sounding.

I also noticed very good bass accuracy while listening to "My Sharona", from The Best Of The Knack cd. The drums also sounded slightly rounded. The vocals were clear and reasonably neutral as well as rather robust sounding. The guitars were a little forward and harsh sounding.

Don't expect the teac speakers to compete with any $500 monitors , but at the discounted price of $80 from amazon you might want to check them out. I did notice a slightly muddy sound in my system and at times they could be a little forward or harsh sounding in the highs, but overall they are a nice little speaker that i enjoy listening to.

Associated gear
Arcam 8r /aucharm fuse/ rca caps
MS audio baby anaconda power cord
Denon DVD-1000
Furez 14AWG speaker cable
Kimber pbj ic
17 inch vintage speakers used as stands

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