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This has been one of the most educational weeks in audio I have had in 30 years in the hobby. A friend of mine was going on vacation for a week and had just gotten a pair of custom made Sistrum speaker stands and wanted to know if I wanted to try them until he got back. We both have Audio Note AN/E speakers. Though he has the SEC Silvers and I have the Ses. Well as it happened I had just been on the phone with the importer of my WAVAC 300B amp and he said he used the Systrum platforms for all his equipment so I said sure I’ll give them a try.

Last Saturday I put them in my system. First, I put one on the left speaker. Then I played some mono recordings and listen to each speaker separately. Well there was no doubt that the Sistrum stand tightened up the bass, it seemed that it also somehow let the speaker play louder, and it was much more dynamic.

So then I put the other stand into the system and I want to tell you my jaw dropped. If you think I’m exaggerating Monday morning I ordered the speaker stands and two of the equipment platforms, one for the WAVAC and one for the Sony 777 SACD player. While ordering these I learned from Robert at Star Sound (the Systrum and Audiopoints people) some more about how to set up the stands. I set up everything like he said and just couldn’t believe the sound. The only problem was now I could hear some noises I had never heard before and sometimes they were irritating. Robert told me to be patient until the equipment platforms came in.

To my surprise they came in today and let me tell you they completed the treatment. The sound is just amazing. And what did they do for the sound of my system? First let me first describe the stands and equipment platforms.

I had the speakers on Audio Notes 4 legged, mass loaded steel stands. They were filled with a lead and sand mixture as described by Audio Note. The equipment had been sitting on DH Cones and Squares.

The Systrum stands have three steel legs that are filled with “MicroBearing Steel” fill that they make and sell. The three legs attach to a rounded triangular shaped steel plate that has musical note in the center. They attach by having Audiopoints screw into them through a slot in the bass. Then there are steel spikes that screw into the top of each leg. With my speakers I then used a coupling disc they make between the spikes and the bottom of my speakers.

The Systrum equipment platforms are similar. In fact the one under the WAVAC amp uses the same plate and has Audiopoints that screw into each other to create three points going down into whatever you are sitting them on and three that point up which the equipment sits on. The one under the SACD player has a larger bass and larger points but is basically the concept.


First, it is not subtle. My first reaction was where did that come from. It’s much more like getting new speakers than new stands.

Efficiency: You can go to and get a more technical explanation, but let me just say they play louder at the same place on the volume control then they did before.

Dynamics: The Audio Note speakers are often described as the best of both worlds between horns and stats, but on the Systrum stands they are as dynamic as any horns I have ever heard and will play much louder than any single driver horn loaded speaker or stat that I have heard. A few years ago people use to talk about a speaker's “startle factor” and that about sums up the sound of this combination. It has taken several trips over to turn down the volume control to learn I can’t turn up the quite passages to the level I use too.

Information, transparency, detail: These audiophile terms mean different things to different people but let me say there is simply a whole lot more information you can hear now. It’s not so much like grunge or noise is gone as it is like there’s just more to hear. You can more clearly hear the mics, the space, the phrasing, the subtle changes in pitch and tone. The soundstage becomes more believable. I don’t mean in some phasey, deep, deep, and wide, wide way. I mean in a way where instruments and people have their own space and where you can more easily hear each of them. The Audio Notes were already the least boxy sounding box speaker I had ever heard and would not have believed that could have been improved, but I was wrong.

Bass: This was the only area I was actually looking to improve when I said I would try these. It seemed as amazing as the bass was out of this two way that it could be just a little quicker. Well, boy was I right. I have never heard bass like this before. I can now hear subtleties in the bass I did not know were on the recordings. I was just wanting a little tighter and quicker bass, but what I got was that and a lot more quality in the bass. It is now so easy to hear the differences in drums as they are being played. The notes on a bass are so articulate. It’s just a whole new world on bass.

Let me close by sharing what is both a plus and a minus. Just as Audio Note has always said you should be able to hear differences, a good system should not make things sound more alike and these stands and platforms complete that for these speakers, but there is also no doubt that the system is less forgiving now.

The biggest differences between what I had and the Systrum products was the speaker stands, but the platforms completed what the stands started and some irritating noises and on sometimes even a little edginess that I heard before I added the platforms, went away with their addition. This seems to me to say that the stands allowed me to hear more of what the amp and player were doing, both good and bad. By the way once you get everything in place Robert has lots of ideas of little things you can do to dial things in.

I could not give a product a higher recommendation. I so wish I could have just gotten their rack instead of the platforms but, my situation does not lend itself to that at this point. My reason for sharing this information is that you may not be ready to even buy the stands, but at least go to their web sight and check with Robert on what you could do to start down the road to hearing what the equipment you have paid so much for can sound like.

Associated gear
Amplifier: WAVAC MD 300B
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): None
Sources (CDP/Turntable): Sony 777ES SACD with full Kern mods
Speakers: Audio Note AN/E SE
Cables/Interconnects: Audience AU 24
Music Used (Genre/Selections): Vocals, Jazz, Classical, and Rock
Room Size (LxWxH): 19 x 14 x 8
Room Comments/Treatments: A little foam and lots of furniture
Time Period/Length of Audition: 1 week
Other (Power Conditioner etc.): 2 JC Audio ISOs

Similar products
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Nice review, very thorough!
I agree. I've been using the same line of equipment (audio points, monoblock stands, systrum 6 shelf rack) for quite a while and have also been very pleased. I know several Audiogon members have switched over to the Star Sound product line over the past few years and are also happy.
Once you go Sistrum, you'll never go back. I have a pair of the larger SP-6 racks and they are superb. I have also used the Sp-1 under previous Theta Dreadnaught SS amp, and have used the smaller SP-004's under Coincident Super Eclipses, and that was the best I ever had those speakers sounding.

I have since moved up to the Coincident Total Victory, and the SP-004's are just not big enough- Robert needs to come up with a stable speaker platform for larger, narrow but deep speakers such as mine. Another hidden gem in this company's lineup are the Sonoran Plateau interconnects- solid-core copper design with micro-bearing shielding and beautiful Vandenhul connnectors- noise floor is incredibly low, and at the price, these giant-killers are superb...
Great review Jack. I know what you mean. Or, how about, I second that. Can you get anymore laconic than that. Wait to you see and hear the speaker monitor platforms I'm using. You've probably read my review. Robert tells me I'm one of the only people in the world to own these babies. They are going to have them on their website by January with pictures and all the white paper. They will retail for $1400. They are unbelievable. You're a coupler, baby. There's no going back. peace, warren
Outstanding review. I am experiencing similar results having installed audiopoints and coupling discs under my speaker stands and equipment racks and all my components. I just installed some Micro-Bearing fill material in my speaker stands and system performance has improved again. I am honestly stunned at how realistic my system sounds now. This is an entirely new system now.

It is outstanding products like these from Star Sound that make this hobby fun and worthwhile to me. Totally satisfied.
Jim L.
Please, let me see pics so I can understand the setup!
Pictures at the ones for the Audio Note Es are just 10 inch versions of the stands you see on the site.
I just want to say.That the people at STAR SOUND are some of the BEST people to work with on getting your system to sound the best it can.Thanks to ROBERT and the STAR SOUND gang.
Warrenh- do you have any pics of your custom speaker stands?
I wish I did. If I only had a digital camera. My speaker stands are the most outrageously beautiful design I have ever seen. There's absolutely nothing like them: ANYWHERE! You read Jack's review. Imagine his speaker stands on coupling steriods, if you will. Haven't read my review, since I wrote it. I think I gave a description? Anyway, they will soon be on their website, to look at, and purchase. Perhaps Robert has a picture he could send you. be the place to start.
Just looked at my review. No description. Well here goes: Picture 3 black dunce caps. The top coming to a flat 1 1/2" surface, and the bottom to about a 6" surface. Each dunce cap is 20lbs, designed and filled with patent pending metalurgy and concrete. They are covered with a lovely thin black cloth. At the top of each cone/dunce cap, if you will, is a 1 1/2" audiopont facing point up. (screws into the cone). At the bottom of each cone are 3 1 1/2" cones pointing down. They screw into the bottom, as well. Two cones in the front and one in the back: speaker on top. That's the best I can do. Your brain has to take it from there. I bought them sight unseen with less of a description, but I trusted Robert's raves about the stand as well as the hands on listening experiences I had with their other Sistrum product. Of course, if didn't like them, I would get a full refund. I had nothing to lose. And man, what I gained. My friends, who love my system, (not really for the sound, but for how loud and deep the bass can go. Can you relate?) love the design. Soon you'll see. More importantly: you will hear!
peace, warren
Warrens system... $21,000 Digital camera... $200 Come on man!

Peace Brotha,
Finally!! Pictures on the audiopoints website of the Sistrum speaker platform system I've been raving about. EUREKA!! They are quite cool, don't you think? Ever seen anything like them before? peace, warren
Warren, are you talking about the S.U.P.P.O.R.T. series stands? They are weird looking!

Can somebody please help this company put together a decent web site?
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Ever hear that? I love them. They look so cool with the speakers atop. Everyone who comes to my place,finds them extremely cool, different, out there. With all the brass from the audiopoints, plus the diskettes at the bottom, in contrast to the black: very cool, indeed. And let's not forget the sonics: tremendous.